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14 Arrests At UCLA After Violent Protest

Fourteen people were arrested at the UCLA campus on Wednesday, during a protest regarding student fee increases.

The protest demonstration broke out inside a meeting hall at UCLA's Covel Commons, when the University of California Board of Regents held a meeting about increasing student fees for the upcoming academic quarter, and then raising fees again for the 2010-2011 academic year.

The UC regents approved additional fees, increasing next year's tuition at UC campuses by 32 percent, aggravating many students, faculty members, and surrounding community members. A violent riot broke out with non-lethal weapons, where bottles were thrown at police. Crowds of people sang and chanted the words of "We Shall Overcome" with over 200 estimated people participating in the protest.

In the video above, you can see the tension between the police officers and the protesters. When students tried to break passed the barricade of police officers, the Los Angeles police had no choice but to fight back and use physical force. The people arrested now face misdemeanor charges, which can lead to probation, fines, jail time, or possible suspension from the university.

Many college students are shocked by the 14 arrests, saying that this violates the free speech clause of the first amendment. Yet it's important to note that when a violent situation breaks out or when the peace of a community is disturbed, the police have a job to step in.

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