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Burglars Beware: Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers Look at Theft Charges

Four men in Pomona were arrested on Saturday morning when the city’s police officers found stolen property in a garage they were sleeping in. Some of the stolen items were found allegedly in the pockets of each of the suspects.

Officers came to the garage after interviews with neighbors and police. This was after a report was filed by a nearby resident that electronics had been taken from homes. The house next to the garage is suspected to be the home of at least one of the accused perpetrators.

Police identified the four accused men as Jose Vian, Paul Drake, Rudi Almaguer, and Salvador Escobedo Jr. The men’s ages range from age 18 to 23. They’re all being held in jail on $50,000 bail.

In the Los Angeles region burglary charges are taken very seriously. Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers say that if found guilty of a burglary crime, the accused person can face up to 6 years or more in priosn and have a “strike” on his or her record, meaning that the conviction can effect future sentences.

California law defines burglary under Penal Code 459 PC as “entering a structure with the intent to commit a felony (or a petty theft) once inside. In Pomona, there are approximately 900 burglary crimes per year, ranking the city’s burglary crime per capita .69 times the national average.

If you live in the Los Angles region and you or somebody you know have been accused of burglary charges, there are criminal defense lawyers in the area to help represent you in the courtroom.