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L.A's Oldest Vandal

Los Angeles police captured their oldest vandalism perpetrator ever last week. At the age of 73, John Scott was arrested for posting a series of stickers that read “Who is John Scott?” on buses, street signs, and light poles.

Before Scott’s arrest, the oldest known vandal among the Los Angeles police was 36 years old, according to the Los Angeles Times. Now, Scott is known around L.A as the oldest alleged street vandal. Police estimate that Scott’s damages to public property will cost the city several thousand dollars.
Scott is now being held in custody on $20,000 bail. In Los Angeles, forms of graffiti and vandalism, can either be considered a misdemeanor or felony charge depending on how much damage has been done. In Scott’s case, the suspect was booked on suspician of felony vandalism. Deputies are not yet sure whether or not Scott will be hiring his own Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer.
Police are unsure of what Scott’s motivation has been behind his tagging, but they suspect that his motifs are the same as most other graffiti artists in Los Angeles, “fame and notoriety.”
Now that the mystery is solved, it just goes to show the Los Angeles community and police investigators that one specific group shouldn’t be targeted when it comes to crime. Graffiti and vandalism is a great example of how the felonious act can be committed by people of all ages. 
Scott will turn 74 years young next month.