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Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers Look at Timberlake Restraining Order

You don't want to mess with the pop star "who's bringing sexy back."

Justin Timberlake, 28, filed a restraining order against his alleged stalker Karen McNeil earlier this week after the 48 year old woman trespassed on his property several times and tried breaking into Timberlake's home.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham ordered that McNeil must stay at least 100 yards away from the pop musician for the next three years.

McNeil stated that she disagreed with the court order. She represented herself in the courtroom with no lawyer, and wrote in a court filing that she thought she was destined to rule the world and wanted to marry Timberlake so he could rule with her.

If McNeil were to violate the court's protective order, it would be treated as a criminal matter that could result in serious consequences, including jail time or probation.

While requesting a restraining order can often be a simple procedure by just filling out a few forms, Los Angeles criminal lawyers and family law lawyers deal with protective orders quite often. In some states, a restraining order can only be issued against a family member or somebody who you at what time had a close relationship with. However, in Los Angeles you can get what is known as a Civil Harassment Restraining Order, which can be issued to parties that aren't in intimate or family relationships. This type of restraining order is issued if a person has been harassed or has gone through a course of conduct that seriously annoys or alarms a person. This is what was used in the case of Timberlake.

If you've been threatened with violence or have been seriously harassed, you may be able to get a restraining order, so that you can finally live at ease. A Los Angeles lawyer can help. If Justin Timberlake can do it, you can too.

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