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Student Attacked at CSU Long Beach in Transgender Hate Crime

A transgender graduate student, who claims to be the victim of a recent transgender hate crime at CSU Long Beach, spoke about his experience at a campus rally yesterday. He says that an attacker shoved him into a university bathroom stall and carved the word "it" into his chest.

With such a hateful act, hundreds of people marched for tolerance after hearing Colle Carpenter's hate crime story. CBS News reports that at the victim revealed more information about the crime, which had occurred on April 15. After the incident, the attacker fled the scene and police have so far not been able to arrest anybody in connection with the incident. Anybody who has information about the crime is encouraged to call Det. Leyva at (562) 985-4101.

Colle Carpenter may not be able to feel at ease until his attacker. He said at the rally that he has been terrified to come back to the Long Beach campus.

"For those of you who don't know why 'it' is such a derogatory term, it takes away a person's humanity. It takes away their personhood. It makes them less than human," he announced.

FindLaw states that hate crimes should either be reported to a local police department or with a local FBI field office. Both Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys and Los Angeles civil rights lawyers can take on a hate crime case. This is because hate crimes can lead to both civil and criminal cases. It's important to remember that criminal cases are investigated and prosecuted much differently from civil cases, so a suspect may need to contact more than one type of lawyer for hate crime case.

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