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Paramedic Stabbed in Downtown Los Angeles

A Los Angeles City firefighter and paramedic was stabbed in downtown Los Angeles while responding to a medical call. The firefighter was then taken to County USC Medical Center where he was treated for several stab wounds.

KTLA News reports that the paramedic stabbed was identified as Charles Anthony MacDougall, who is a nine-year veteran of the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Yet the man's attacker still remains on the loose and authorities are still unsure of what motivated the attack.

Los Angeles police officers have not been able to make any arrests so far, but fortunately the firefighter is expected to make a full recovery. Charles MacDougall is a father of four and a well-known man in the Boyle Heights community. According to KTLA News, the man works at Fire Station 9, which is known to be one of the busiest stations in the city. Hospital staff will soon be honoring Charles MacDougall as the "Paramedic of the Year" for all of his hard work and his dedication.

The stabbing incident took place yesterday in an apartment complex, located at 640 S. Main St. in downtown Los Angeles. After the stabbing, the suspect was last seen running into the nearby Cecil Hotel, has served low-income residents for years.

Anybody with information about this particular crime should call Los Angeles police officers at (213) 485-3294. Anybody who has been accused of a stabbing or attempted murder crime should contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to learn more information about their legal rights.

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