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Rancho Dominguez Ranked No. 1 City In L.A. County For Property Crime

According to data compiled by the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the city of Rancho Dominguez has the most property crimes per capita in Los Angeles County. The crime map through the Los Angeles Times shows that Rancho Dominguez has about 483 property crimes per 10,000 people and 566.2 crimes per 10,000 people when all types of crimes are considered.

What exactly is a property crime? The L.A Times study defines property crimes as burglary, theft, grand theft auto, and theft from vehicle. Part of the reason why the city of Rancho Dominguez has such a high crime per capita rate is because the city has a relatively low population. So even a small number of crimes in the town can generate a large crime per capita rate. Rancho Dominguez is only 2.67 miles with a population of 2,526, according to the 2000 U.S. Census. More demographics about the city in L.A County can be found at

The city of Rancho Dominguez does not have anywhere near the highest number of crimes in a city. The most common type of property crime in Rancho Dominguez is grand theft auto, which makes up about 34.2 percent of all property crimes in the city. Theft crimes are also quite common, making up 32.8 percent of the Rancho Dominguez property crimes. Anybody wrongfully accused of a theft-related crime in Rancho Dominguez should contact a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles County to learn more about the legal rights that suspects have.

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