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Victorville Kid Could Face Assault Charges After Stabbing

An argument between two Victorville tween boys on March 29 escalated into a violent stabbing where paramedics had to be called to the scene. According to KTLA, one of the boys was arrested after the fight and he could even be facing criminal charges after stabbing the other person.

The names of the boys were not released by KTLA because of their young age, but the fight reportedly ended up with authorities booking the 12-year-old boy into Apple Valley Juvenile Hall on suspicion of assault with a weapon, terrorist threats, and possession of a deadly weapon. San Bernardino County Sheriff's also found a throwing star in the suspect's possession.

The juvenile suspect allegedly committed the stabbing of his 13-year-old rival with a steak knife during a fight that they were having over a girl. The victim in this case was treated at the scene, near the intersection of Westway Lane and Primavera Way, for a minor laceration.

But let’s not forget that minors have rights in the criminal justice system and that they are still entitled to be represented by a criminal defense attorney during court proceedings. This case is far from over. When a juvenile enters the criminal justice system, however, there are special rules that typically govern his or her case that are different from that of the adult criminal court.

In the juvenile justice system, sometimes a parent can even be held responsible for paying restitution as well as criminal fines when a crime is committed by a minor. Just one more reason it’s a good idea for parents to do their best to keep their kids out of trouble.

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