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TSA Officer Paul Yashou Accused of Stealing Belongings at LAX

If you're worried that your luggage will be stolen at an airport when traveling, then perhaps you're not being completely irrational. Los Angeles Daily Breeze reports that a TSA officer was arrested this week after allegedly stealing numerous items belonging to passengers at LAX Airport.

The suspect Paul Yashou, who worked as a TSA officer in Terminal 1, has been accused of taking $30,000 worth of items from suitcases. Yashou's arrest comes just after 31-year-old Ryan Driscoll's arrest in May. Driscoll reportedly used to work as a TSA employee in Terminal 6 of LAX, but was arrested after allegedly stealing from a suitcase.

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department and LAX Crime Task force were tipped of the alleged theft by police in Irvine when officers found that Yashou allegedly sold the stolen goods to pawn shops.

Yashou’s bail has been set to $20,000. TSA LAX Federal Security Director Randy Parsons said in a statement, “TSA has a zero tolerance for theft and will work with authorities to hold our employees accountable.” It looks like Yashou will not only face criminal charges for the theft, but he can so be subjected to disciplinary action when it comes to his employment at LAX Airport. It’s unclear at this time of what Yashou’s employment status is with the agency, but there’s a good chance that he could be fired.

Felony burglary in California is punishable with at least a year of imprisonment. Yashou has been scheduled to appear at the Airport Courthouse to answer to the criminal charges on July 14.

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