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Matthew Fox, 'Lost' Star, Accused of Assault on Female Bus Driver

Mess with Cleveland, and Cleveland messes back — apparently.

Matthew Fox may have been a tortured hero on ABC’s wildly-popular series “Lost,” but he was the villain early Sunday morning according to private bus driver Heather Bormann. The actor is accused of assault after Bormann alleged he “started wailing” on her in a Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood, reports KTLA 5.

Bormann stated she was sitting in the bus she was driving for a private bachelor party Saturday in Cleveland when the actor approached her at around 1:30 a.m. Fox reportedly tried to enter the bus, but Bormann refused to let him on. That’s when the actor started to fight back, and Bormann showed just how feisty Cleveland residents can be.

FBI Joins Hunt for Ex-Laker Javaris Crittenton in Atlanta Killing

The FBI joined the hunt for former Los Angeles Lakers' point guard Javaris Crittenton in connection with an Atlanta killing, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The FBI has stated that Crittenton may be in California and has partnered with the Atlanta police to track him down, according to the feds.

In a suspected case of mistaken identity, Atlanta authorities allege that ex-Laker Crittenton fatally shot Jullian Jones, a mother of four, on August 19 in her driveway, because he believed she stole jewelry from him in an earlier robbery.

Lenny Dykstra: Indecent Exposure with Craigslist Women

Lenny Dykstra may have broken baseball records when he was a Major League center fielder, but now it seems he's focusing his attention on increasing his criminal record.

Dykstra faces indecent exposure charges for his interactions with women he met on Craigslist, reports KTLA News. Dykstra is already being held on 23 felony charges in Los Angeles.

Authorities claim that Dykstra posted Craigslist ads for a housekeeper or personal assistant. However, when the women arrived, Dykstra would tell them that the job included giving massages and would drop his clothes. At least six women are said to be involved in the case, beginning in 2009.

Anaheim Can Ban Pot Dispensaries, O.C. Court Rules

Medical marijuana users in Anaheim may have to find other means to get their "OG Kush" meds besides pot dispensaries. An Orange County Superior Court judge ruled that Anaheim has the right to ban pot dispensaries within city limits, despite state law legalizing medical marijuana, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Anaheim's ban has been the subject of dispute in one of California's most-watched medical marijuana cases, according to the Times. It has gone back and forth between the appellate and trial courts for four years before Judge David Chaffee ruled that local ordinances regulating distribution were not preempted by state law.

Prostitution in Los Angeles: From Texas Pimps to Prostitution Stings

The crackdown on prostitution in Los Angeles has had a busy few weeks. Sheriff's deputies conducted prostitution stings in Castaic, and a Santa Ana man was arrested for allegedly taking three Texan teens to Orange County with the intent to prostitute them. This might be the time to remind Angelenos that the "world's oldest profession," and the various activities stemming from, it are still prosecuted aggressively as a criminal act.

Under California law, it is unlawful for any person to loiter in public with the intent to commit prostitution (solicitation) or aid a person in the commission of prostitution in return for all or part of the proceeds earned (pimping).

Joe Francis Charged with Assault After Allegedly Going Wild on Girls

Usually, it's the girls going wild in Joe Francis' videos, not the other way around.

The "Girls Gone Wild" creator Francis was charged with assault and several other misdemeanors on Tuesday, reports the Los Angeles Times. The charges stem from a physical altercation with three women in his Hollywood home in January.

Francis allegedly picked up the female victims at a Hollywood club and took them to his residence under false pretenses. The women claim they entered the limo believing they were being taken to their car, but his bodyguard reportedly impersonated a law enforcement officer, refusing to let the women out of the limo.

Gang Rape Trial for 'Austin Powers' Actor Begins

Actor Joseph Hyungmin Son may potentially be a villain on-and-off the silver screen: the 39-year-old member of the original "Austin Powers" cast is currently the defendant in a gang rape trial that began on Tuesday, reports The Orange County Register.

Son, who played the shoe-throwing villain "Random Task" in the 1997 blockbuster film, faces conspiracy to commit murder and torture charges for his role in the brutal rape of a Huntington Beach 20-year-old on Christmas Eve 21 years ago. Each charge is punishable by life in prison.

Although the rape occurred a couple of decades ago, Son was not arrested until 2008 when DNA evidence collected while he was in custody for violating his probation on an unrelated vandalism charge connected him to the crime.

U.S. Rep. Gary Miller's Kidnapped Grandsons Found After 4 Years

It had been almost four years since U.S. Representative Gary Miller has seen his grandsons, a lifetime for any child. But last Wednesday, Miller and his son were finally given the hope of reuniting with the kidnapped kids after their mother was apprehended in Tijuana, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Jennifer Lopez Dejongh was arrested on Wednesday by Mexican police for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Dejongh allegedly abducted the three boys, now twelve-year old Brian and ten-year-old twins Christian and Evan, four years ago in violation of a shared-custody court agreement with her ex-husband.

Jury Duty in California? No Social Media Tools for You!

In today’s world of instant updates, you can pretty much summarize almost everything going on in your life into multiple split-second, 140-character tweets. That is, unless you’re serving your civic duty as a juror in California.

A new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown on Friday codifies a ban on the use of social media tools by members participating in jury duty in California, punishing would-be bloggers, facebookers and tweeters with six months in jail, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Securing Your Kids' Online Safety: Tools and Tips

From smartphones to laptops to video game consoles, children have access to the Internet in more ways than ever before. While the benefits of the Internet are numerous, the increase in exposure to digital content also increases the need for parents to stay vigilant of their kids' online safety.

The risks associated with kids online can come in many forms: access to inappropriate content, contact by sexual predators through chatrooms, threats from "cyber bullies," and many more.

However, just as there are child safety laws covering motor vehicle safety and anti-neglect issues, the California legislature has passed laws protecting your kids' online safety.

Alleged Grim Sleeper Killer Facing the Death Penalty?

Alleged "Grim Sleeper" killer Lonnie David Franklin Jr. is facing the death penalty if convicted of murdering 10 women over the span of two decades in the South Los Angeles area. Reuters reports that Los Angeles prosecutors have stated during a pre-trial hearing that they will ask the jury to consider the ultimate punishment for Franklin.

In addition, prosecutors have also requested a voice sample from Franklin in order to connect him to a series of anonymous phone calls made to the emergency hotline 911 regarding the killings.

California is one of 34 states who authorize the use of capital punishment. Under California law, the death penalty is reserved for first-degree murder crimes with enumerated special circumstances, such as using explosives, or the killing of an on-duty peace officer. Inmates facing the death penalty have a choice of being executed by lethal injection or gas.

Fullerton Police and Death of Kelly Thomas: Police Brutality Case?

The events leading up to the death of Kelly Thomas are under investigation, but civic and community leaders are still calling for Fullerton police officers' heads and citing it as another example of a police brutality case, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The altercation occurred on the night of July 5 when Fullerton police responded to reports of an attempted car break-in near a bus station. Six officers allegedly approached Thomas, who is schizophrenic and homeless, which led to his beating and a coma. He died five days later.

The details of the attack came to light when a grainy bus surveillance tape and witness videos were released to the public.

Redmond O'Neal Arrested on Drug Possession Charge, Violates Probation

It looks like the trustees deceased actress Farrah Fawcett appointed to look after her son, Redmond O'Neal, and his $6 million inheritance have been slipping on their duties; the 26-year-old was arrested on drug charges, again, reports KTLA News.

Santa Monica police reportedly found heroin in his car when they pulled him over for a routine traffic stop after he ran a red light on Tuesday, and he was arrested at the scene for narcotics possession.

Alleged 'Baby-Eater,' Natasha Hubbard, Arrested for Aggravated Assault

Los Angeles police arrested 36-year-old Natasha Hubbar for aggravated assault after she attacked an innocent bystander’s baby in order to reportedly eat the baby’s arm. The Los Angeles Times reported that the alleged baby-eater is also suspected of attacking others in the Toy District.

The incident, involving Adriana Miranda and her 4-month-old son Alexander, allegedly occurred without warning, with Hubbard unbelting the infant and grabbing the child by the leg before his mother and aunt could react.

Horrified witnesses also reported that Hubbard swung the child over her head and slammed him into a metal rail of a nearby truck.