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FBI Joins Hunt for Ex-Laker Javaris Crittenton in Atlanta Killing

The FBI joined the hunt for former Los Angeles Lakers' point guard Javaris Crittenton in connection with an Atlanta killing, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The FBI has stated that Crittenton may be in California and has partnered with the Atlanta police to track him down, according to the feds.

In a suspected case of mistaken identity, Atlanta authorities allege that ex-Laker Crittenton fatally shot Jullian Jones, a mother of four, on August 19 in her driveway, because he believed she stole jewelry from him in an earlier robbery.

"It so happens Miss Jones was walking down the street at the same time," Maj. Keith Meadows stated in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The Atlanta police have been searching for Crittenton since the fatal drive-by occurred and charged him with murder last Friday. If Crittenton is found in California, federal law allows Georgia to request his extradition from California back to Atlanta, where the crime was committed.

The 23-year-old was drafted by the Lakers in 2007, but was traded his rookie year in the then-maligned Pau Gasol deal. Lakers fans have since changed their tone after Gasol became a key player for the team. Crittenton, on the other hand, was on the NBA's bad side after it suspended him in 2010 for bringing a gun into a locker room during a dispute with former-Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas.

Javaris Crittenton eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor gun possession charge in relation to the locker room incident, according to the Huffington Post. When the feds and Atlanta P.D. catch up with the ex-Laker, however, he'll be in much more hot water for his alleged role in the Atlanta killing of Jullian Jones.

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