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Pimp Gets 27 Years for Kidnapping in Teenage Prostitution Case

Accused pimp Leory Bragg was sentenced to 27 years in prison on kidnapping charges related to a teenage prostitution case involving a 15-year-old Upland girl, reports the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The 35-year-old Hawthorne man was arrested last year on accusations of forcing two runaway girls to work as prostitutes in Southern Los Angeles. The two young girls were only 13 and 14 years of age at the time.

The Upland girl’s father claimed Bragg abducted his daughter, provided her with drugs, beat her and forced her to earn up to $600 a night as a prostitute. She was reportedly held captive for three days before authorities found her in Los Angeles.

Bragg was charged with multiple felony counts, including human trafficking involving a minor, soliciting for a minor prostitute under 16-years-old, pandering by procuring a minor under 16 and first-degree burglary. He faced a life sentence if convicted on all charges.

At his trial in September, a jury found Bragg guilty of one count of first-degree burglary but hung on nine of the other counts, according to the Bulletin. Bragg was also found not guilty of one count of kidnapping and one count of human trafficking involving a minor.

Leroy Bragg's no contest plea was likely the result of a plea bargain with prosecutors. Because the jury hung on nine counts, Bragg could have been retried on those crimes. Conviction of pandering a minor under 16 alone could have gotten him an eight-year prison sentence and registration as a sex offender. Prosecutors, however, probably did not want to risk going to trial again in the teenage prostitution case since the jurors were unable to reach a verdict the first time.

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