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South East High School Stabbing: Girlfriend, 17, Fatally Injured

South East High School students are in shock after the violent stabbing of a 17-year-old student by her estranged boyfriend in the cafeteria on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Abraham Lopez, also a student at South East, has been booked on suspicion of murder after he fatally injured his girlfriend with stab wounds to her side and back. He also injured a school dean and another student who tried to intervene. Both sustained non life-threatening-wounds, according to district officials.

The girl, later identified as Cindi Santana, was in her senior year at the South Gate school. She died of complications at the St. Francis Medical Center later that day. The hospital also went through a brief lockdown late Friday after a bomb threat was made. The threat is reportedly connected to the stabbing, according to the Times.

Friday was a day of commotion and confusion for the students of South East as the fight broke out between Lopez and the girl. He reportedly put her in a headlock and began punching her when others stepped in. That's when both the dean and the football player were stabbed and the girl was fatally injured. "She couldn't do nothing," an anonymous witness said. "I'm still shaking. It's a shocker."

Students told the Times that the couple had a rocky relationship since the 9th grade, and the fight and subsequent South East High School stabbing was connected to a recent breakup. Abraham Lopez is expected to be arraigned on Monday and could potentially face murder or voluntary manslaughter charges.

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