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Alexis Neiers' Sister 'Pretty Wild' Too? Arrested for Drugs

Tess Taylor, the equally-troubled sister of convicted thief and heroin user, Alexis Neiers, was arrested earlier this month on a felony drug charge, reports TMZ.

Taylor was allegedly in possession of a controlled substance and placed into custody on January 9. She was reportedly held on $10,000 bail and released two days later.

Taylor is a model and former cast member of the reality TV show “Pretty Wild,” publicized as “an unfiltered look at Hollywood via three sisters whose jaw-dropping looks and unstructured upbringing make them magnets for Tinseltown’s temptations.”

Taylor and her sisters have certainly lived up to the show’s billing.

Neiers pleaded no contest to felony residential burglary in 2010 for her participation in the celebrity-targeting burglary group known as “the bling ring.

Later that year, Neiers was arrested for a probation violation stemming from a possession of heroin charge.

Taylor’s sister has arguably gotten off easy for her crimes, however. She only spent 29 days out of a six-month sentence in jail for her burglary crime, and she was given one year in rehab for the probation violation instead of the two years in prison she could have received.

Possession of a controlled substance is a felony crime in California and can result in a multiple-year prison sentence. We’ll see if Tess Taylor is as lucky as her sister with her sentence if she is convicted of the charge.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, it’s a better idea to consult an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney or public defender about your case than to rely on the chance you’ll get the same deal as a “Pretty Wild” star.

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