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Sex for McNuggets? LA Woman Arrested for Prostitution for Snack

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are arguably among the most popular items on the mega-fast-food chain's menu, but are they so good someone would trade sexual favors for them?

A Los Angeles woman was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of prostitution for allegedly offering strangers the illegal trade of sex for nuggets, reports the Los Angeles Times.

A customer reported Khadijah Baseer to the Burbank Police Department for allegedly opening customers' car doors to offer her services at the McDonald's on Olive Avenue. She was subsequently arrested for prostitution.

If the allegations are true, perhaps Baseer was motivated by starvation or under the influence of drugs for offering such a deal to strangers. However, motive is not an influential factor when determining whether to arrest someone for a crime.

Under California law, loitering in public with the intent to commit prostitution is a misdemeanor offense. A person's intent is determined by his or her actions which demonstrate the purpose of inducing, enticing or soliciting prostitution. Loitering with the intent to commit prostitution includes actions such as repeatedly beckoning to, attempting to stop or engaging in conversation with passersby or people in vehicles.

If you have been charged with a prostitution-related offense, you should consider contacting a local Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. He or she can analyze your case and present potential defenses to the charged crimes. If you cannot afford a private attorney, a public defender will be provided for you.

For more information on the crime of prostitution and the various actions you can be charged for, see our Related Resources section.

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