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Will Lynwood Cameras Deter Prostitution?

The City of Lynwood now has 26 cameras around the city which is meant to lower crime and prostitution, reports Lynwood Patch.

Most of the Lynwood cameras are located on Long Beach Boulevard and Atlanta Boulevard.

The cameras are being used to make a difference in what is considered a very high crime area. And to check prostitution in Lynwood.

The Lynwood cameras are part of a program called the Advanced Surveillance and Protection program or ASAP for short. The program was one of the reasons Lynwood won an All-American City Award in 2010.

Public cameras, even if aimed at nabbing prostitutes, obviously give way to certain criminal and constitutional issues.

In fact, previously, when a California city tried to put surveillance cameras in cybercafes, a constitutional challenge was launched in the case of Vo. v. City of Garden Grove. In that case, the court ended up upholding the city’s right to install those surveillance cameras. If cameras in cyber cafes are constitutional, then it probably goes without saying that cameras in a more public place (with less privacy) would probably be considered to pass muster as well.

Still, from the information so far gathered, it seems that the cameras have been effective in limiting prostitution in Lynwood

Under California law, loitering in public with the intent to commit prostitution is a misdemeanor offense. A person’s intent is determined by his or her actions which demonstrate the purpose of inducing, enticing or soliciting prostitution. Loitering with the intent to commit prostitution includes actions such as repeatedly beckoning to, attempting to stop or engaging in conversation with passersby or people in vehicles.

If you have been charged with a prostitution-related offense, you should consider contacting a local Los Angeles criminal defense attorney.

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