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Lindsay Lohan Done With the Legal System?

Lindsay Lohan, or LiLo as she is affectionately known by her friends in the paparazzi, was released from formal probation today by Judge Stephanie Sautner, reports TMZ. Lohan’s formal probation had been extended multiple times since her original 2007 driving under the influence case. Her probation lasted this long due to failure to complete community service and a few more brushes with the law. But the case is finally behind her, right?

Lohan claims that she is done with courtrooms and judges. And she probably means it. Granted, no one says to a judge, “I’m going to break the law tomorrow!” Nevertheless, her statements and efforts to change and remain sober do seem sincere. She may actually pull it off.

Craig Rolle, the 'King of England' Found Insane, Guilty of Murder

Not that it wasn't somewhat apparent from his claims of being the reigning monarch of England, or his stated belief that the Royal Family would intervene on his behalf, but it is now official: Craig Christopher Rolle, King of England, resident of Tustin, is insane.

At least, that was the verdict by the jury, reports the Orange County Register. Last week, Rolle was convicted of first-degree murder of his stepmother, Tabea Kenney. Witnesses said that Rolle had tried to break into the window of the victim's apartment and when that failed, knocked in the front door after his stepmother opened the door to see what the commotion was outside.

Witnesses stated that they heard her plead for her life before she was stabbed over sixty times.

Celeb 'Hackerazzi' Christopher Chaney Pleads Guilty

He’s been dubbed “The Hackerazzi.” A cyber-hacker pleaded guilty on Monday to nine felony cyber crimes involving the hacking of celebrity email accounts, in the hopes of obtaining nude photos and other personal information.

Christopher Chaney, 35, allegedy hacked in to the email accounts of Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson. The Florida man appeared in a Los Angeles court on Monday and was taken into custody immediately after the guilty plea, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Peeping Tom at Cypress College Arrested for Spying in Bathrooms

A peeping Tom at Cypress College has been arrested for disorderly conduct after allegedly videotaping other men in bathroom stalls, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Johnny Nguyen, 19, was apprehended by another student on Tuesday after the student saw a hand with a cellphone camera come underneath the partition of a bathroom stall. The victim left his stall and held Nguyen in a bathroom stall by holding the door closed until police arrived.

What is the 'Stand Your Ground' Law in California?

After the tragic events that lead to the death of Trayvon Martin last month in Sanford, Fla., the Internet is abuzz with questions on Stand Your Ground laws and Castle Laws.

Indeed, it was the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida that appears to have allowed the alleged killer, George Zimmerman, to walk free after shooting the seventeen-year old. You see, it seems Zimmerman thought that a black man with a hoodie was reasonable cause for suspicion. So, he called 911 and reported the guy.

As far as reports now indicate, he then followed and confronted Martin, eventually shooting him.

Xanax-Dealing Doctor Pleads Not Guilty to Second-Degree Murder

What’s the difference between a doctor and a Colombian drug trafficker? We don’t know, because in this case, they both have DEA agents after them, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Drugs can kill, even those drugs lawfully obtained through a doctor’s prescription. Doctors can go to jail for being careless in handing out drug prescriptions. A Los Angeles area doctor pleaded not guilty on March 16 to charges of murder stemming from her prescription of thee fatal overdoses. Her request for lower bail was also denied, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Hemet HS Teacher Seduces Student, Has Sex in Classroom

A married Los Angeles area teacher is facing accusations of engaging in sexual conduct with a 17-year-old student.

The teacher, 31-year-old Janel Ramirez, allegedly initiated the relationship, the student told school officials.

According to the Riverside Free Press, the student was the teacher's aide at Hemet High School during his sophomore and junior years. The relationship began when the boy was 16, when the teacher allegedly kissed the boy on the last day of his sophomore year.

Lindsay Lohan Hit and Run: Hits Man With Her New Porsche

Lindsay Lohan's good-girl makeover isn't complete yet. Looks like she's still got some of that "old Lindsay" in her.

Early Wednesday morning, TMZ reports that LiLo was caught in a hit and run after leaving a nightclub.

According to onlookers, Lohan was in her spanking new Porsche and hit the manager of the Hookah Lounge as she was pulling out of the parking lot of Sayers Club in Hollywood, just after midnight.

LAPD Cracks Down on Johns in Prostitution Sting on Lankershim

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested 34 people over the course of 20 hours in a prostitution sting in Sun Valley during the week of March 5.

The sting took place along a heavily trafficked area for hookers and johns along Lankershim Boulevard. The sting involved the use of 80 officers and detectives, including several undercover LAPD agents posing as streetwalkers.

Woman Scorned: LAPD Detective Guilty of '86 Murder of Ex's Wife

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

But other women can certainly have fury towards the woman scorned. Especially a majority female jury hearing the case of a female detective who nearly got away with killing her romantic competition twenty-six years ago. Former detective Stephanie Lazarus didn't take a hint when her ex-boyfriend married another -- he's just not that into you.

After one and a half days of deliberation, a jury consisting of eight women and four men convicted former Los Angeles Police Officer Stephanie Lazarus for the first degree murder of Sherri Rasmussen, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Lenny Dykstra's Disaster: Coming to a Federal Court Near You

Bankruptcy, fraud, drugs and indecent exposure. Lenny Dykstra sure hit rock bottom.

Lenny Dykstra, former New York Mets outfielder, was sentenced to three years in a California state prison by a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge.

Dykstra faced charges of grand theft auto and filing a false financial statement.

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket in L.A.

So, you received a traffic ticket in L.A.? Join the club. Whether your traffic ticket came from running a red light, or was due to speeding, you're probably wondering what to do next.

Do you hire a traffic attorney in Los Angeles (is there any such thing?), or do you fight this traffic ticket yourself?

There are pros and cons to both choices. While a good Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will know the ins and outs of the traffic court system, as well as some minor technicalities of the law, this may be a battle you can fight yourself -- and we are going to give you some suggestions on just how you can do that.

Boyle Heights Postal Workers Legs Severed

A rather gruesome incident in Boyle Heights has gotten every one’s attention.

A postal worker’s legs were severed by a driver, who might have been sleepy, and was definitely driving with a suspended license, reports The LAist.

The Boyle Heights postal worker, Anthony Dunn Jr., was standing near his van when a car driven by a possibly sleepy driver crashed into him and severed the worker’s legs. The driver, who stayed on the scene of the Boyle Heights postal worker’s massive injury, was revealed to have a suspended license.

Ben Howland of UCLA Loses Control: Reeves Nelson Assault?

So bullying has finally reached one of the most storied college sports franchises, the UCLA Bruins basketball team, reports ESPN.

Ben Howland, UCLA coach, is said to have lost control of the program and team players, reportedly allowing for bullying and all sorts of other unsavory activities to take place. Players were allegedly fighting with each other, intentionally injuring one another, drinking and smoking weed at practice, and using E (the drug, not the physics coefficient) at off-campus parties.