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Hemet HS Teacher Seduces Student, Has Sex in Classroom

A married Los Angeles area teacher is facing accusations of engaging in sexual conduct with a 17-year-old student.

The teacher, 31-year-old Janel Ramirez, allegedly initiated the relationship, the student told school officials.

According to the Riverside Free Press, the student was the teacher's aide at Hemet High School during his sophomore and junior years. The relationship began when the boy was 16, when the teacher allegedly kissed the boy on the last day of his sophomore year.

During fall of his junior year, as the student stated in an affidavit, Ramirez allegedly kissed him when they were alone in a classroom and the pair began making out. The boy claimed he had been in the classroom to ask for help on an essay.

The following day, the teen alleged, the boy returned to the classroom to print the essay and Ramirez guided him to a chair where she performed a sex act on the boy.

That winter, Ramirez called the boy to her class and when he went to see her, the two had sex.

The boy claims that the teacher told him he looked like Taylor Lautner of the Twilight movies.

According to the teenager's affidavit, he tried to put an end to the relationship by sending the teacher a text message calling it quits. He stated that Ramirez often checked his phone and text messages to make sure he was not telling anyone about their tryst.

Janel Ramirez is currently out on a $100,000 bail after her March 1 arrest. She was charged with two counts of oral copulation, one count of unlawful sex with a minor and one count of consensual sex with a minor. There have been no formal charges filed against Ramirez yet, as the investigation in the case is still pending.

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