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Peeping Tom at Cypress College Arrested for Spying in Bathrooms

A peeping Tom at Cypress College has been arrested for disorderly conduct after allegedly videotaping other men in bathroom stalls, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Johnny Nguyen, 19, was apprehended by another student on Tuesday after the student saw a hand with a cellphone camera come underneath the partition of a bathroom stall. The victim left his stall and held Nguyen in a bathroom stall by holding the door closed until police arrived.

From information gathered from the camera, it appears as though there were at least two other victims on the same day. Nguyen admitted to police that he had committed the same act 15 times over the past year at Cypress College.

What is the crime of disorderly conduct in California?

In California, disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor and can be one of several acts. Acts of disorderly conduct include public intoxication, loitering, accosting another while begging for or soliciting alms, or hanging around bathrooms to solicit lewd acts,

The California Penal Code states that it is a misdemeanor to spy into a bathroom by means of a camera with the intent to invade the privacy of the person inside.

Nguyen was booked in Cypress City jail and released with a citation to appear in Westminster Court on May 2.

According to Cypress Police Officer Paulo Morales, Nguyen could face up to one year in jail if he is convicted.

After the recent conviction of Dharun Ravi in New Jersey, the issue of spying on others through the use of every-day technological gadgets is coming into the public eye. Unfortunately for many who conduct their own espionage, there is a lack of awareness as to the gravity of the act and to the fact that these types of acts are, in fact, criminal.

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