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Cuckolded Former LA Sheriff's Deputy On Trial For Torture, Mayhem

Well, that would be one way to get revenge. Clive Owen is still the master of the other, more verbal method, teaching us many new ways to insult a cheating lover.

Former L.A. Sheriff's Deputy Robert A. McClain, an alleged employer of the physical method, faces a slew of charges in his trial, which starts Monday in Santa Ana, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Way back in 2008, McClain’s wife informed him that she was leaving him for a younger man, who lived in the same apartment complex, reports the Times. McClain arranged a meeting to discuss the matter with his wife and his cuckolder. He then proceeded to express his feelings by torturing the pair for hours. At one point, he used a knife to sodomize the man and sexually mutilated his wife. He also attempted to force his wife to castrate her paramour.

Your first thought is probably, “that man is nuts.” Well, his attorneys agree with you. He has pled not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity. The trial will have two phases. The first is the guilt phase and the second is the sanity phase, which only occurs if the jury first finds him guilty of the laundry-list of crimes of which he has been accused.

The list of charges includes kidnapping, mayhem, torture, and sexual assault.

Mayhem, which might have the coolest name of any crime in existence, is a nasty act defined as maliciously depriving a human being of a member of his (or her) body, or disabling, disfiguring, or rendering it useless. It is quite strange that the crime, which follows from old-time common law, is defined in such a specific way when non-legal definition of the word itself just means random or deliberate violence or damage.

If convicted, Robert McClain faces up to eight years in prison on mayhem charges alone. Add on kidnapping, torture (which carries up to a life sentence,) and sexual assault, and he’s facing the rest of his natural life behind bars.

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