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Prison Break Star Headed Back to Prison?

Lane Garrison may be headed back to prison, if his ex-girlfriend Ashley Mattingly’s domestic violence allegations are true. TMZ broke the initial allegations, plus subsequent updates, from the girlfriend that Lane Garrison waited outside of her apartment, broke her phone, and slapped her. A surveillance tape of the incident has also been released.

However, Garrison has jabbed back, stating that he did in fact break Mattingly’s phone, but it was a juvenile reaction to her breaking his phone first. He has also stated that the video only shows him grasping for his phone, which she had refused to return to him, according to TMZ.

She has, of course, retorted back with photos of earlier injuries that were allegedly caused by Garrison. Reportedly, Mattingly didn't report them sooner, as she didn't want Garrison to be sent back to prison.

Garrison is currently on parole, resulting from a 2007 DUI manslaughter conviction.

At this point, writes TMZ, no charges have yet been filed against Garrison, but the D.A.'s office is still investigating. Should charges be filed, he will likely face a parole revocation hearing.

When someone is under parole or probation, they are usually ordered to abstain from any criminal activity and often times, substance abuse. If a new crime is committed, or a drug or alcohol test is failed, the person is usually rearrested and brought before the judge, where they are either put behind bars or some other sanction is imposed.

For Lane Garrison, that could include serving the remainder of his sentence or having his parole extended for a longer period of time. He would also face whatever punishments may result from his alleged domestic violence incidents against Ashley Mattingly.

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