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Justin Bieber Gets a Speeding Ticket on a Slow News Day

Justin Bieber would like you to know two things. First of all, if he was your boyfriend, he would never let you go. Second, the paparazzi really sucks.

Bieber was caught speeding in his insanely amazing Fisker Karma hybrid vehicle by a former LAPD motor officer, reports TMZ. The chromed out car zipped by L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine, formerly of the LAPD, at speeds the Councilman estimated to be over 100 mph.

It wasn't all his fault, however. He was being chased by a string of paparazzi. According to Bieber's people, he only drove like a maniac to escape the maniacs.

The L.A. Councilman, who called the cops on the celebrity pursuit, said that the paparazzi were driving on the shoulder and were even more dangerous than Bieber. He also felt that Bieber should have been arrested.

The cops that pulled Bieber over were semi-understanding. They gave him a ticket for going 80 mph, though we're unsure if he'll face reckless driving charges. According to TMZ, it's only a speeding ticket. The Los Angeles Times reports that he was cited for reckless driving.

Reckless driving, in California, is an annoyingly vague law. It has no speed requirements; rather, one must be traveling in "willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property."

In other words, if the cop likes you, you get a speeding ticket. If not, you get charged with reckless driving, which carries 5 to 90 days in jail, plus a fine of anywhere from $145 to $1000.

Hopefully, for Bieber's sake, these cops had Bieber Fever.

TMZ also reports that the chase continued right after the cops left. This time, Bieber called the cops instead of speeding. Both the Biebster and the paparazzi were pulled over and given a warning. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the paparazzi for creating a dangerous situation.

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