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Kim Kardashian, Steve Jobs, and the Rules of License Plates

In what seems to pass for news these days, TMZ is reporting the breaking, life changing, and faith shattering news that Kim Kardashian was pulled over for a lack of license plates on her two-week-old Rolls Royce. Life’s an [expletive], right?

We know, you don’t really care. Neither do we. We really don’t. We swear.

Yes, yes, we did just cover a Justin Bieber speeding ticket. Fine. You win.

But KK’s little plate mishap, which TMZ reports resulted in no ticket because she had the plates in her glove box, does bring to mind the tale of another odd celeb: the late, great Steve Jobs.

Mr. Jobs was known for his quirks. A personal favorite was his Mercedes SL55 AMG that he refused to put plates on.

The gist of California’s license plate law is that you have to display front and rear plates, secured in a visible location. That mean’s KK’s glove box stashing, and Steve Jobs’ bare front and rear are theoretical no-nos.

However, according to Gizmodo, Mr. Jobs apparently found a loophole. Until a few weeks ago, new cars could go bare for up to six months after sale. He simply leased a brand new Benz every six months.

Kanye’s lady won’t be able to get away with her defiance of the vehicle code, however. That same law was just updated. The previous version of CA Vehicle Code Section 4456 gave drivers six months. It became inoperative on July 1, 2012. The new version, which took effect on the same day, now shrinks it to 90 days.

It seems then, that Kim Kardashian only has a few weeks left of anonymity, if such a thing is possible in a Rolls Royce.

But wait! We forgot the loophole to the loophole. That same law, that gave Steve Jobs 6 months, and gives Kim Kardashian 90 days, also states that if you get the plates in the mail before the 90 days, you have to put them on. And she’s got ‘em in her glove box.

Shucks. It seems no one will ever be as cool as Steve Jobs again.

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