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Rapper Game Beats Down 40 Glocc, 40 Doesn't Snitch

The Stop Snitchin’ Movement strikes again. Rapper Game, a.k.a. The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was involved in an altercation with rapper 40 Glocc, a.k.a. Big Bad 4-0, a.k.a. Tory Gassway last week. It wasn’t merely your average street fight, however. Game recorded the incident on his phone and posted it on the internet, reports TMZ.

“Iphone in my left hand….. Mayweather’n this n**** with my right !!! #AtTheSameDamnTime” Game via Twitter.

40 Glocc, defending his manhood, took to Twitter with allegations that Game brandished a gun before beating him. He later stated in an interview that he did not plan on pressing charges. After all, doing so would make him a snitch and validate Game’s creative nickname for him: 40 Snitch.

The video, which can be found at a special website dedicated to the occasion, is highly edited and may not tell the entire story. Even still, there is no footage of fireams in the video. Instead, it shows Game throwing punches at 40 Glocc while the latter ducks and covers. 40 Glocc then runs away while Game’s friends tell him to let it go. Game then shows footage of blood on his shoes while stating that “40 Snitch called the cops.” He also apparently plans on selling the bloodied shoes.

The feud could be fueled by the rappers’ hip-hop ties or gang ties. Game was once a member of the G-Unit record label. After his forced departure, he founded the G-Unot movement and feuded with the remaining members. 40 Glocc was later signed to the label. Game is also has ties to the Bloods. 40 Glocc is a Crip.

Rapper Cam’ron expressing an extreme view of the Stop Snitchin’ movement

Apparently, common sense fails these men. As much fun as it may be to taunt each other and post videos of the victory online, it isn’t a good idea legally. This is doubly true for Game, who has a bit of a rap sheet, including a felony firearm conviction from 2008.

Despite 40 Glocc’s unwillingness to cooperate, that doesn’t mean that Game is immune from prosecution. Charges are brought by the District Attorney. With the video footage and bloody shoes, the prosecutor could have a case for assault. Is it likely that they would bring the case without the victim’s help? No. Is it possible? Yes.

So here’s the lesson. Even if your victim is not a snitch, you still should avoid videotaping the crime and posting it on the internet. You are in essence snitching on yourself. Also, selling evidence of the crime is probably a bad idea.

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