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Massage Parlor Poses as Med Supply Company

Dexter Company was licensed as a medical supply company. However, after receiving a tip about heavy foot traffic in and out of the business, Irvine police began a six month investigation that revealed that Dexter, Co. was actually operating as a massage parlor and prostitution front. According to an Irvine press release, on Wednesday, Dexter, Co, two other businesses in Irvine, and a Los Angeles home were raided and six people were arrested.

The main perveyor was allegedly 60-year-old Soon Keun Kim. She was arrested on suspicion of pimping and pandering. Chong Suk Yi, 61, was arrested on suspicion of supervising a house of ill repute. Mee Hwa Shin, 52, was arrested for alleged prostitution. In Sook Kim, 48, caught a case for identity theft. Eun Young Park, 40, got tagged for providing false identification to a police officer.

And of course, Stephen Warner Marsden, 53, was cited for suspected solicitation and released.

Much like the law enforcement officers, we're primarily concerned with the bosses. After all, is it really that hard out here for a pimp?

Pimping and Pandering are the most severe charges possible for a madam. The former charge, pimping, is defined as either getting money from someone you know is a prostitute or soliciting customers for a prostitute.

The crime of pandering is essentially procuring someone to turn them into a prostitute, persuading someone (often by force) to become a prostitute, or providing the connection between a prostitute and a place where prostitution occurs, such as the stereotypical massage parlor. Think of that last part as running a staffing agency for houses of ill-repute.

If convicted of either felony charge, Soon Keun Kim faces three, four, or six years in prison.

Supervising a house of ill-repute (also known as keeping a house of ill-fame) is essentially the crime of running a whore house. In contract to the pimping and pandering charges, it's actually a relatively minor charge. It's a misdemeanor, meaning Chong Suk Yi only faces a maximum of six months in jail.

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