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82-year-old Lady's 57-year-old Rap Sheet Gets 7 More Charges

Gangster Granny, it's time to retire. Eighty-two-year-old Doris Thompson is the new bad-ass of the senior citizen cell block. Police say the career-criminal with Don King-styled hair was finally caught after a recent streak of medical office robberies, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Thompson's seven recent robberies all involved the same modus operandi. She would enter a medical office, hide until closing, and then locate the cash box. In one recent robbery, she reportedly stole cash, a device used to measure toddlers' temperature, and a urine cup. In total, prosecutors say that she has taken over $17,000 during the robberies. Identifying her off of the surveillance video was relatively easy for detectives due to her distinctive hair style.

Doris Thompson Mugshot

This ain't her first go-round either. The Daily Breeze reports that she was only recently released from prison after a similar string of robberies. The Times cites nine trips to the pokey since 1983.

The Breeze also reports that she was implicated in a murder in 1957. Instead of prison, however, she was found mentally ill and hospitalized.

When she was sentenced for the previous offenses, she asked the judge if she'd serve the entire three years, as she wanted to die in prison. Instead, she was paroled after 18 months. Perhaps desiring to return to the place she has called home on and off for the last five decades, she resumed the robberies.

Thompson faces up to a year in jail for each burglary conviction. The last time she was arrested, she quickly agreed to a plea bargain in order to avoid the county jail and get to prison faster. One wonders if a similar deal will be struck this time.

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