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Amanda Bynes Pressed Her Luck; Charged With Two Hit and Runs

Amanda Bynes might be “insane.” Is that rude? Possibly. Is it accurate, according to the commonly stated cliché? Quite possibly.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Bynes has reportedly engaged in dangerous driving behavior over and over again. Then again, she seems to be expecting the same result: A free pass.

We’ve covered the hit-and-run DUI. She also avoided a hit and run charge earlier this year. However, she’s had so many traffic violations in the last year that we’re surprised she’s still driving. Her recent run-ins include:

She pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge, which is still pending. Initially, she didn’t face charges in the ticket incident, nor in the first two hit and runs. However, after the August run-in, she was charged for the April 10 accident and the August 4 accident, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Though she may not fit Einsteinian definition perfectly, but she’s arguably a little crazy. She’s also facing jail time after these last few incidents. In addition to the possible penalties from her DUI, she could get up to six months in jail for each hit and run, plus fines of up to $1,000 on each charge.

We won’t even venture a guess as to how her license will be impacted by a DUI suspension, multiple accidents, and two hit-and-run charges. Bynes is due in court on September 27. Let’s hope she’s hired a driver by then.

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