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Jordan Hill Takes Plea; No Jail Time for Alleged Domestic Violence

Seven months ago, Jordan Hill was a nearly washed-up former first round draft pick. He was languishing on the Houston Rockets' bench and waiting for the offseason, where he might get a chance with another organization.

His wish came early, as he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers as a throwaway piece for the Lakers' salary dump of Derrick Fisher. Unfortunately for him, immediately after he started to contribute to his new team, his former girlfriend came forth with allegations of domestic violence.

Today, he's the recent recipient of a two-year $8 million contract, has become an invaluable contributor to the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports, and best of all, he'll be a free man.

In April, he faced two to ten years if convicted of felony Intimate Partner Strangulation. He was charged under Texas law because the alleged incident happened before the trade when he still was a Rocket. According to the Los Angeles Times, his ex testified that Hill punched her in the legs, pulled her off a couch, and put her in a chokehold.

Today, he agreed to a plea bargain that will require him to serve one year of probation, undergo domestic violence counseling, and pay a few hundred dollars in fines and donations. Instead of the previous felony charge, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor assault charge. Instead of ten years in prison, he'll be playing professional basketball and helping the Lakers fight for another championship.

The victim is currently represented by Gloria Allred and, according to The Washington Post, plans to file a civil suit. Even assuming some financial loss from that lawsuit, Hill has to be feeling good about the last seven months of his life.

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