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LiLo's Been Naughty; Club Fight, Car Crash Charges Threaten Freedom

It should have been a time of celebration for Lindsay Lohan. After years of trials and tribulations (actual trials, for shoplifting and drunken driving), she finally completed her “comeback” by starring in Liz & Dick. Sure, it was a Lifetime movie, which officially makes her a D-list celebrity, but it was progress nonetheless.

Unfortunately, once again, she’s screwing it up.

Father Who Burned Children to Death in Failed Murder Suicide Takes Plea

The life of the coward who murdered his two children in a failed murder-suicide revenge plot had his life spared again, reports the Los Angeles Times. In exchange for a guilty plea and two life sentences, he will not face the death penalty.

In 2006, Dae Kwon Yun, 61, picked his two children up for a shopping and movie trip. The trip ended when Yun parked in an industrial area, doused the interior of the car with gasoline, and lit the car ablaze with him and the children inside. His daughter tried to walk away before the fire, but a witness said that Yun forced her back into the car, reports the Times.

Things We're Thankful For: Free Speech

No country is perfect. This one is debt-ridden and incarcerates far too many of its citizens. Minor quibbles aside, this country has something that many of us take for granted: free speech.

We can bemoan the national debt. We can submit idiotic petitions to secede because our candidate lost the presidency. We can criticize every last thing that our politicians do, whether that criticism is fair or unfair.

Case Load Critical Mass Coming For LA County Court System?

Some bloodletting was to be expected. For decades, California's government agencies have grown to excess. Meanwhile, hard times result in less revenue, more overhead, budget deficits and cuts to services. Earlier this summer, budget cuts halted construction on new courthouses while those working at the courts complained about hiring freezes causing delays in cases. That was just the beginning, it seems.

Earlier this year, Governor Brown announced $544 million in cuts to the court system. In the three years preceding those cuts, there were an additional $650 million in cuts. Now, the Los Angeles Superior Court system has to cut another $80 million from its budget. The plan is to close nearly a dozen courthouses and layoff an unknown number of employees.

Bieber's Paparazzi Escapes Prosecution Thanks to the Constitution

Bieber tried to escape the paparazzi. The paparazzi tried to escape prosecution. Bieber got a speeding ticket for his trouble. The paparazzi photographer got his charges dismissed ... most of them anyway.

Back in July, Bieber was pulled over after swerving through traffic at speeds exceeding 80 mph. Paul Raef, the photographer, was chasing Bieber at the same speeds, but was not initially pulled over. After taking his speeding ticket, Raef continued to follow Bieber. Bieber called the police this time and Raef was charged with traffic violations and with violating a new law, California Vehicle Code Section 40008.

Craigslist Sale Gone Bad: Tips for Not Getting Robbed at Gunpoint

We try never to blame the victim. But really? This is kind a duh moment.

Two 19-year-old men wanted to rid themselves of some excess electronics, specifically two iPhones and five other cell phones. They turned to the infamous online classified site The problem with craigslist, as well as all other forms of classified ads, is that there is no screening.

The “buyer” could be a nice elderly woman buying iPhones for the grandkids. Or she could be two young men in a Nissan armed with fake cash and a handgun.

Trial Underway For Man Accused of Touching Sleeping Girls

His lawyer admitted that he was an “inadequate man” with compulsions, though they were not sexual. The prosecutor described him as every girl’s worst nightmare. Who exactly is the man who creeps in the night?

Meet Roberto Jacobo Reyes. He is facing a multitude of charges resulting from five incidents over a 13-month period. Each involved breaking into a female victim’s home and touching her while she slept, reports the Orange County Register.

'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison

Who's innocent now?

Mark Basseley Youssef is a man of many names. We covered a half-dozen of them in late September when he was first arrested for violating his probation. Today, the artist formerly known as Kritbag Ditraf learned that he'll be spending the next year in prison due to his use of numerous aliases while producing the film, reports The Associated Press.

To be clear, this has little to nothing to do (at least on the surface) with the sacrilegious content of his much maligned Internet video, "Innocence of Muslims," which depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a pedophile and womanizer and led to riots throughout the Middle East.

Instead, the reason for the lengthy sentence was because the dirtbag Kritbag Ditraf (debut album coming soon) was previously convicted of fraud involving the use of multiple aliases.

LiLo Charged With Lying to Cops, Faces Jail Time

They say LiLo lied
If it is true, she'll be tried
She faces jail time

That brilliant haiku summarizes Lindsay Lohan's morning, and many others like it, for the troubled star. Today, TMZ is reporting that she'll be charged for lying to the police about a car accident back in June. Back in March, we celebrated her triumph in getting past supervised probation. She had completed every part of her sentence but informal probation. She was nearly done with the justice system.

Beware! Though Cucumber Thief Arrested, Accomplice Still at Large

Guard your sea cucumbers and ginseng, ladies and gentlemen! Though serial cucumber thief and master getaway driver Man Van Truong, 56, has been apprehended, his co-conspirator is still on the streets. Victims have described the remaining suspect as an Asian male, 35 to 40 years old, with dark hair in a crew cut style, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Though many a figure in this fine city's underground has slung herbal remedies, this may be the first time the thieving was of actual herbal remedies. Sea cucumbers and ginseng are used as a stimulant, aphrodisiac, muscle relaxant and general purpose cure, reports the Los Angeles Times. A pound of sea cucumber retails for up to $130, while a pound of ginseng nets $300. The black market rate for these products is unknown.