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LiLo's Been Naughty; Club Fight, Car Crash Charges Threaten Freedom

It should have been a time of celebration for Lindsay Lohan. After years of trials and tribulations (actual trials, for shoplifting and drunken driving), she finally completed her “comeback” by starring in Liz & Dick. Sure, it was a Lifetime movie, which officially makes her a D-list celebrity, but it was progress nonetheless.

Unfortunately, once again, she’s screwing it up.

You might remember that she got probation in the initial criminal cases. She violated that probation a number of times before spending a few days in custody and doing community service in a morgue.

Earlier this year, she seemed to move past the turmoil when she was shifted to unsupervised probation. With supervised release, you have a probation or parole officer that you have to check in with, you are typically drug and alcohol tested, and if you do anything resembling a criminal act, you are taken into custody. With unsupervised probation, you typically have to be arrested or charged before the real trouble starts.

For Lohan, over the last couple of months, she has been flirting with disaster. There was a violent altercation in a hotel room, where she was allegedly choked by a political aide. Charges against the man were dropped, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Then she allegedly clipped a man with her car. No charges were filed there either.

Last night, however, her luck ran out. She got into a fist-fight with another woman in a Manhattan night club. According to the New York Post, the two women bumped into each other while watching another brawl. They exchanged words, sat back down, and then LiLo popped back up and allegedly punched the other woman, Tiffany Eve Mitchell, 28, in the face.

She was arrested shortly thereafter and charged with misdemeanor assault.

A few hours later, back in Los Angeles, she was officially charged with three misdemeanors for allegedly lying to police officers about a June traffic accident, reports the Times. Speculation about those charges has been rampant for some time.

Either conviction should mean a probation violation and more jail time. And coal in her stocking at Christmas.

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