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Southland Crime: LA's Top 10 Stories of 2012

City of Angels? Suppress your laughter. For those of us who have resided in the Los Angeles area, we know that this town is anything but a collection of heavenly creatures.

One need look no further than this blog to read about some of the city's biggest screw-ups, from a McProstitute to vigilante pimp-murdering parents. Here's the first installment of our Top 10 posts from 2012:

1. What is the 'Stand Your Ground' Law in California?

A discussion of 2012 isn't complete without mentioning the death of Trayvon Martin. The teenager was shot by George Zimmerman, who now faces charges for the killing. Zimmerman claimed self-defense and cited Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which allows someone in fear for their life to use deadly force, even if they can retreat safely. Trayvon was armed with a bag of Skittles. This post outlined California's take on "Stand Your Ground" and Castle Doctrine laws.

2. Alexis Neiers' Sister 'Pretty Wild' Too? Arrested for Drugs

Reality TV stars crumble under the pressure, start using drugs, and end up in jail. Shocking? Not really. Alexis Neiers is infamous after her stint on television and for being a member of the Bling Ring, which robbed celebrities' homes. Of course, that's now being turned into a movie. It is LA, after all. Her little sister, on the other hand, was also on television. Instead of ending up in heists and the movie business, she was tagged with a felony drug charge.

3. Sex for McNuggets? LA Woman Arrested for Prostitution for Snack

You know what's more sad than a woman who has to engage in prostitution to afford fast food? Arresting a woman who has exchanged sex for fast food. Khadijah Baseer was arrested for loitering in public with the intent to commit prostitution after offering sex for McNuggets. Unfortunately, that'll mean criminal charges. On the bright side, they do have food in jail.

4. Well Reviewed Chef Boils Wife for Four Days to Dispose of Body

The hardest part of getting away with a murder is disposing of the body. The old saying is no corpse, no conviction. Though that's not entirely true, it certainly does help one to evade charges. David Viens, a local restaurateur, gagged his nagging wife after the two did cocaine. She suffocated and he panicked. His solution was to boil her body for four days and then dispose of the remains in a grease pit. Oddly enough, his well-reviewed restaurant is no longer in business.

5. Hooker's Parents Track Pimp Across State, Kill Him

After Calvin Sneed allegedly turned their daughter into a drug-dependent prostitute, two Los Angeles parents tracked him down and tried twice to kill him. They succeeded the second time, which led to a lot of metaphorical pats on the back as well as murder charges. For their sake, let's hope the "we can't blame 'em" defense (not an actual legal defense by the way) sways the jury.

That's all of the sex, drugs, and murder we can handle in one day. We'll be back later this week with the rest of the year's Top 10 posts.

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