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3 Dangerous Dog Laws Owners Should Know

California has its fair share of vicious dog attacks, with some incidents claiming the lives of innocent victims.

How have state and local lawmakers attempted to take a bite out of the problem? Here are three dangerous dog laws that all Los Angeles-area dog owners should be aware of:

5 Illegal Things Tech-Savvy Kids Are Doing Behind Your Back

Parents, it seems, are always two steps behind kids and their vast knowledge of the Interwebs and those computery machine things they're always looking at.

While you may not be able to tell the difference between pins, pokes, tweets, and diggs, your children probably do. And some of them are using your ignorance to do illegal things behind your back.

As an early Mother's Day gift to all the Luddite moms out there, here are five things that tech-savvy kids are getting in trouble for, that you may not even know about: