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The crimes of assault and battery often go hand in hand. An assault charge usually comes when a person intentionally threatens to inflict injury upon a person, coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause harm. Battery simply refers to applying force or intentionally touching another person. Assault and battery can result in both criminal and civil liability.

If you need legal advice on any criminal law issue in Los Angeles, including cases dealing with assault and battery, you should speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can assess your legal issue and help develop a good defense strategy. You can find a local attorney by viewing FindLaw's directory of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys. For more information about battery and assault in Los Angeles, see:

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5 Ways Highway Road Rage Can Land You in Jail

Los Angeles residents know better than anyone just how bad traffic can be, but can your road rage land you in jail?

Interstate 5 in Los Angeles County has been awarded the title of most congested freeway in California, according to The Associated Press. Congratulations? With heavy delays and gridlock, even the most Zen person might consider taking their anger out on their fellow drivers.

However, consider using deep breathing methods instead of lashing out because your road rage can land get you into serious legal trouble.

Defendant Turns Razor on Own Attorney in Court

Well, that’s one way to jsut about guarantee a mistrial. A defendant in an attempted murder trial, identified by the Los Angeles Times as Eduardo Macias, 32, pulled out a smuggled razor blade and slashed his own attorney’s cheek, in front of jurors and horrified high school students in San Diego, before being subdued by bailiffs. The teenage witnesses were at the trial as part of a high school civics lesson on how the judicial system works.

According to the Union-Tribune, the defendant, who has Mexican Mafia ties, and who was on trial with two codefendants for an attempt to murder a fellow inmate, smuggled the razor blade into the court using his mouth. The attack took place during the final witnesses’ testimony. The courtroom was cleared and the jurors were interviewed in an adjacent courtroom by police officers as witnesses to Macias’ latest crime.

LiLo's Been Naughty; Club Fight, Car Crash Charges Threaten Freedom

It should have been a time of celebration for Lindsay Lohan. After years of trials and tribulations (actual trials, for shoplifting and drunken driving), she finally completed her “comeback” by starring in Liz & Dick. Sure, it was a Lifetime movie, which officially makes her a D-list celebrity, but it was progress nonetheless.

Unfortunately, once again, she’s screwing it up.

Fire Starters: Arsonists Set Man on Fire, Burn Down Carport

The fire starters were out in force over the weekend, causing thousands of dollars in damage in Pomona and setting a man on fire in Long Beach, reports the Los Angeles Times. So far, the two arsonist attacks are not thought to be related.

In the Friday evening attack, a victim was waiting for his father to finish grocery shopping when he was attacked with a Molotov cocktail. The identity and motive of the attacker are unknown. The Long Beach Police Department released surveillance video of the attack on Sunday. Anyone with a tip should call (562) 570-2582.

Modesto Man Tried to Light Disabled 'She-Devil' on Fire

Modesto. For many Californians, the name of the Stanislaus County town brings to mind images of, well shall we say a none too sophisticated lifestyle. And apparently, much like the fair streets of Los Angeles, the lovely town of Modesto may also have violent and insane citizens. Good times, right?

Case in point:

Late last week, a disabled woman in a wheelchair was waiting to cross the street when Nathan Yarbrough approached her. Believing that she was the Prince of Darkness, a.k.a. Satan, he poured lighter fluid on her and then tried to light her on fire, reports Fox 40. Good times, indeed. Fortunately for 54-year-old Margie Padron, her fiancé and a good Samaritan chased the (likely insane) man away.

He wasn't done with his lighter fluid, however. He also doused his arresting officer's shoes. He was arrested for attempted murder, assault with a caustic chemical, and elder abuse.

Man Stabbed on the Blue Line, Not Terribly Shocking

The Blue Line is probably the grimiest of Los Angeles' subways and trains. The Red and Purple lines are far older, and less modernized, yet are rarely off-schedule and are clean and dependable. The gloriously clean Gold Line is a similar vintage light rail system that pretty much no one uses, so it remains shiny.

The Blue Line, on the other hand, reigns supreme in terms of graffiti and annoying passengers. There's the mildly mentally ill older gentleman that plays 60s funk on his boombox a bit too loudly, there's the homeless guy that nearly sits on your lap because he's hammered, and there's the really high teenage kid that keeps asking you questions about your MP3 player.

One rides the Blue Line due to necessity, not due to comfort or convenience.

Chris Brown Catches a Break, Didn't Violate Probation ... Maybe

Chris Brown committed a crime, and pleaded guilty in California. He served his probation in Virginia. In one state, consumption of a certain substance is legal. In the other, it is not. When his probation requires him not to break any laws, does doing something legal in one state, and illegal in another, qualify as a violation?

In case you were wondering, Brown failed a drug test for marijuana, reports the Los Angeles Times. Brown has a medical marijuana card here in California but tested positive in Virginia. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he smoked in Virginia - tests can turn up positive weeks or even a month after someone consumes cannabis.

Teen That Tried to Penetrate Kid With Steel Rebar Gets Plea Deal

After staring down four years in prison on charges of attempted sexual penetration and assault with a deadly weapon, a San Bernardino teen agreed to a plea deal for probation and 180 days of jail, reports the Associated Press. In exchange for the lenient sentence, Fernando Salgado, 18, will testify against his 27-year-old teacher, Emmanuel De La Rosa.

Authorities say that three boys were attacked in separate incidents in De La Rosa's summer school masonry class. The Los Angeles Times reports that in one incident, three students held down a 14-year-old and pulled his pants down. Salgado then attempted to penetrate him with a piece of steel rebar. Another similar incident, involving another student, involved a broom handle.

Rapper Game Beats Down 40 Glocc, 40 Doesn't Snitch

The Stop Snitchin’ Movement strikes again. Rapper Game, a.k.a. The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was involved in an altercation with rapper 40 Glocc, a.k.a. Big Bad 4-0, a.k.a. Tory Gassway last week. It wasn’t merely your average street fight, however. Game recorded the incident on his phone and posted it on the internet, reports TMZ.

“Iphone in my left hand….. Mayweather’n this n**** with my right !!! #AtTheSameDamnTime” Game via Twitter.

40 Glocc, defending his manhood, took to Twitter with allegations that Game brandished a gun before beating him. He later stated in an interview that he did not plan on pressing charges. After all, doing so would make him a snitch and validate Game’s creative nickname for him: 40 Snitch.

Bath Salt Use Leads to Talks With Jesus, Beating of Old Woman

What is it about "bath salts" that makes for incredibly oddball and violent crimes? PCP caused R&B one-hit-wonder Houston to stab his own eye out, but even that dangerous chemical hasn't made the headlines that Mephedrone, 3,4 methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and Methylone have. In case you are wondering, those are the three chemical compounds most commonly used in bath salts.

Bath salts first made the news with the Miami Cannibal, then the upstate New York mother that was beating her child until she was tased to death. Now, L.A. finally has its own nasty bath salts crime. Robert William White allegedly beat a 77-year-old woman over the head with a shovel, and then said he was an alien that talks to Jesus, reports the Huffington Post.