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Los Angeles is home to many celebrities and of course, there are always some famous people involved in criminal matters. Whether the celebrities are involved in burglary, drug, assault or murder cases, individuals in Southern California often remain interested in the latest celebrity crime and celebrity trials.

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7 Crimes Which Can Get Legal Immigrants Deported

In light of Justin Bieber's recent DUI arrest and those arguing for his deportation, what crimes can get legal immigrants deported?

Like Bieber, who's allegedly in the States on an O-1 performer's visa, the Los Angeles Times reports, other non-citizens who are lawfully in the country could face immigration issues if they commit a crime here.

People convicted of the seven following types of crime may face deportation as well as be prevented from re-entering the country:

LiLo's Been Naughty; Club Fight, Car Crash Charges Threaten Freedom

It should have been a time of celebration for Lindsay Lohan. After years of trials and tribulations (actual trials, for shoplifting and drunken driving), she finally completed her “comeback” by starring in Liz & Dick. Sure, it was a Lifetime movie, which officially makes her a D-list celebrity, but it was progress nonetheless.

Unfortunately, once again, she’s screwing it up.

Bieber's Paparazzi Escapes Prosecution Thanks to the Constitution

Bieber tried to escape the paparazzi. The paparazzi tried to escape prosecution. Bieber got a speeding ticket for his trouble. The paparazzi photographer got his charges dismissed ... most of them anyway.

Back in July, Bieber was pulled over after swerving through traffic at speeds exceeding 80 mph. Paul Raef, the photographer, was chasing Bieber at the same speeds, but was not initially pulled over. After taking his speeding ticket, Raef continued to follow Bieber. Bieber called the police this time and Raef was charged with traffic violations and with violating a new law, California Vehicle Code Section 40008.

'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison

Who's innocent now?

Mark Basseley Youssef is a man of many names. We covered a half-dozen of them in late September when he was first arrested for violating his probation. Today, the artist formerly known as Kritbag Ditraf learned that he'll be spending the next year in prison due to his use of numerous aliases while producing the film, reports The Associated Press.

To be clear, this has little to nothing to do (at least on the surface) with the sacrilegious content of his much maligned Internet video, "Innocence of Muslims," which depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a pedophile and womanizer and led to riots throughout the Middle East.

Instead, the reason for the lengthy sentence was because the dirtbag Kritbag Ditraf (debut album coming soon) was previously convicted of fraud involving the use of multiple aliases.

LiLo Charged With Lying to Cops, Faces Jail Time

They say LiLo lied
If it is true, she'll be tried
She faces jail time

That brilliant haiku summarizes Lindsay Lohan's morning, and many others like it, for the troubled star. Today, TMZ is reporting that she'll be charged for lying to the police about a car accident back in June. Back in March, we celebrated her triumph in getting past supervised probation. She had completed every part of her sentence but informal probation. She was nearly done with the justice system.

'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Headed to Jail for Probation Violation?

Pardon the confusion, but who is this strange man? Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a.k.a. Sam Bacile, a.k.a. Abanob Basseley Nakoula, a.k.a. (our personal favorite) Kritbag Difrat, legally named Mark Basseley Youssef, was arrested yesterday for allegedly violating his probation, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The 2010 conviction in question was, surprisingly enough, for bank fraud. You might remember the man with infinite names as the "filmmaker" behind the sacrilegious "Innocence of Muslims" YouTube clip that has led to protests, riots, and a lot of really angry people.

Jordan Hill Takes Plea; No Jail Time for Alleged Domestic Violence

Seven months ago, Jordan Hill was a nearly washed-up former first round draft pick. He was languishing on the Houston Rockets' bench and waiting for the offseason, where he might get a chance with another organization.

His wish came early, as he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers as a throwaway piece for the Lakers' salary dump of Derrick Fisher. Unfortunately for him, immediately after he started to contribute to his new team, his former girlfriend came forth with allegations of domestic violence.

Today, he's the recent recipient of a two-year $8 million contract, has become an invaluable contributor to the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports, and best of all, he'll be a free man.

Chris Brown Catches a Break, Didn't Violate Probation ... Maybe

Chris Brown committed a crime, and pleaded guilty in California. He served his probation in Virginia. In one state, consumption of a certain substance is legal. In the other, it is not. When his probation requires him not to break any laws, does doing something legal in one state, and illegal in another, qualify as a violation?

In case you were wondering, Brown failed a drug test for marijuana, reports the Los Angeles Times. Brown has a medical marijuana card here in California but tested positive in Virginia. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean he smoked in Virginia - tests can turn up positive weeks or even a month after someone consumes cannabis.

Amanda Bynes Pressed Her Luck; Charged With Two Hit and Runs

Amanda Bynes might be “insane.” Is that rude? Possibly. Is it accurate, according to the commonly stated cliché? Quite possibly.

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Bynes has reportedly engaged in dangerous driving behavior over and over again. Then again, she seems to be expecting the same result: A free pass.

We’ve covered the hit-and-run DUI. She also avoided a hit and run charge earlier this year. However, she’s had so many traffic violations in the last year that we’re surprised she’s still driving. Her recent run-ins include:

An Open Letter to Matt Barnes About Threatening Cops

Matty B, let's start this off by saying that the true Lakers fans are going to miss you. You've graced the Los Angeles basketball scene with hustle, great cutting to the basket, and tenacious defense for the past couple of years. Not bringing you back is a mistake, especially with a true point guard coming in that could capitalize on your off-ball movement.

You know what else was a mistake? Threatening that cop. Sorry, allegedly threatening that cop, if the report from KTLA is true. Sure, it was absolute bull that the cops reportedly just ran across you in Manhattan Beach and then realized that you had an outstanding traffic warrant for over $23,000 -- but threats of violence? Never a good game plan.