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Domestic Violence in Los Angeles

Domestic violence crimes occur when physical harm is inflicted on one member of a household or family, by another member of the same household or family. Domestic violence often comes in a number of forms including physical behavior, psychological abuse, and threats or forcing unwanted sexual acts. In Los Angeles there are many non-profit organizations that specifically help victims of domestic violence and there are also many Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys that defend those that have been accused of domestic violence crimes.

If you need legal advice on any criminal law issue in Los Angeles, including domestic violence you should speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can assess your legal issue and help develop a good defense strategy. You can find a local attorney by viewing FindLaw's directory of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys.

Recently in Domestic Violence Category

More Trouble for Assemblyman Hernandez: Domestic Violence Alleged

Election Day is less than a week away. For Assemblyman Roger Hernandez, who recently beat a DUI charge, the timing of this alleged brush with the law couldn’t have come at a worse time. He faces Republican Joe Gardner, who is coincidentally a former law enforcement officer, in the race for the new 48th Assembly District. Gardner secured more votes in the primary, but Democrats state-wide seemed to stay away from the polls.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Hernandez was served with an emergency protective order (which is similar to a restraining order) after getting into a fight with a woman at the Lazy Dog Restaurant. She later told investigators that the two were seeing each other and that — back in July — he struck her with a belt, grabbed her by the arms, and slammed her against the wall. She also alleged in the protective order that Hernandez uses cocaine.

Jordan Hill Takes Plea; No Jail Time for Alleged Domestic Violence

Seven months ago, Jordan Hill was a nearly washed-up former first round draft pick. He was languishing on the Houston Rockets' bench and waiting for the offseason, where he might get a chance with another organization.

His wish came early, as he was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers as a throwaway piece for the Lakers' salary dump of Derrick Fisher. Unfortunately for him, immediately after he started to contribute to his new team, his former girlfriend came forth with allegations of domestic violence.

Today, he's the recent recipient of a two-year $8 million contract, has become an invaluable contributor to the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports, and best of all, he'll be a free man.

Lakers Big Man Jordan Hill Charged With Felony Assault in TX

Lakers power forward and center Jordan Hill was charged with felony assault of a family member by strangulation today, months after the alleged incident occurred. According to Yahoo! Sports, the incident occurred on February 29 and a police report was filed with the Houston Police Department on March 29. Hill was traded from Houston to Los Angeles on March 15.

The incident allegedly stemmed from an argument about Hill’s future with his girlfriend, reports ABC 13 Houston. His girlfriend stated that she threw his cell phone to the floor. Hill allegedly became enraged, assaulted her, and then placed her in a chokehold when she refused to pick up the phone off the floor. The police have obtained photos from her friend which they say corroborate the story.

Prison Break Star Headed Back to Prison?

Lane Garrison may be headed back to prison, if his ex-girlfriend Ashley Mattingly’s domestic violence allegations are true. TMZ broke the initial allegations, plus subsequent updates, from the girlfriend that Lane Garrison waited outside of her apartment, broke her phone, and slapped her. A surveillance tape of the incident has also been released.

However, Garrison has jabbed back, stating that he did in fact break Mattingly’s phone, but it was a juvenile reaction to her breaking his phone first. He has also stated that the video only shows him grasping for his phone, which she had refused to return to him, according to TMZ.

Cuckolded Former LA Sheriff's Deputy On Trial For Torture, Mayhem

Well, that would be one way to get revenge. Clive Owen is still the master of the other, more verbal method, teaching us many new ways to insult a cheating lover.

Former L.A. Sheriff's Deputy Robert A. McClain, an alleged employer of the physical method, faces a slew of charges in his trial, which starts Monday in Santa Ana, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Craig Rolle, the 'King of England' Found Insane, Guilty of Murder

Not that it wasn't somewhat apparent from his claims of being the reigning monarch of England, or his stated belief that the Royal Family would intervene on his behalf, but it is now official: Craig Christopher Rolle, King of England, resident of Tustin, is insane.

At least, that was the verdict by the jury, reports the Orange County Register. Last week, Rolle was convicted of first-degree murder of his stepmother, Tabea Kenney. Witnesses said that Rolle had tried to break into the window of the victim's apartment and when that failed, knocked in the front door after his stepmother opened the door to see what the commotion was outside.

Witnesses stated that they heard her plead for her life before she was stabbed over sixty times.

Seal Beach Shooting at Salon, Custody Dispute Suspected Motive

In what has been called the worst mass killing in Orange County history, a gunman opened fire in a salon, murdering eight people on Wednesday afternoon, reports The Orange County Register. The possible motive for the Seal Beach shooting? The suspect may have been in a bitter custody dispute with one of the stylists, potentially throwing the spotlight on the deadliness of domestic violence during what has been proclaimed to be Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Six people reportedly died immediately, while two others died of critical injuries at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. One woman still remains in critical condition.

Cindi Santana's Death Brings Awareness to Teenage Dating Violence

As the students of South East High School cope with the loss of 17-year-old Cindi Santana allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, the community has begun to brainstorm ways of preventing further tragic instances of teenage dating violence.

The Los Angeles Unified School District is considering expanding programs to stop teen dating violence, reports the Los Angeles Daily News. One program includes designating a prevention coordinator at each high school campus who would help students and faculty recognize the signs of teenage dating violence.

Ex-Dodger Manny Ramirez Arrested for Battery after Domestic Dispute

Former Los Angeles Dodger and World Series MVP Manny Ramirez was arrested for battery on Monday night after an alleged domestic dispute with his wife, reports the Associated Press.

Ramirez’s wife reported he slapped her face after an argument, causing her to hit her head on their bed’s headboard, according to a police report. The 39-year-old was arrested at their South Florida home soon after the domestic dispute.

Ramirez has denied hitting his wife although she had injuries consistent with her report, such as swelling in the left side of her face and a contusion on the back of her head. However, his wife did not seek medical treatment.

Catherine Kieu Becker in Custody for Penis Sliced Husband

When John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis sliced off by his wife, she at least did it in such a way that he was able to reattach it. The estranged husband of Garden Grove resident Catherine Kieu Becker wasn't as lucky Monday night.

Instead, after Becker allegedly drugged him through the guise of a family dinner, her husband told police that he awoke tied to the bed and watched her slice off his penis with a knife, according to the Los Angeles Times. She then allegedly made sure he got what he "deserved" by promptly dropping his manhood down an active garbage disposal.