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Drug crime and drug laws have become very controversial in Los Angeles, especially when it comes to enforcing medical marijuana laws, drug possession and underage drinking. This is why state representatives are constantly looking to change drug laws and sentences for those convicted of drug crimes. Those who are convicted of drug crimes may even have to face non-criminal penalties such as ineligibility for student loans and qualifications for federal assistance programs.

If you need legal advice on any criminal law issue in Los Angeles, including drug crimes, you should speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can assess your legal issue and help develop a good defense strategy. You can find a local attorney by viewing FindLaw's directory of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys.

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Due to their powerful sense of smell and extensive training, drug-sniffing police dogs can smell narcotics from a mile away (figuratively speaking). The invasive nature of their use has raised interesting questions about the right to privacy.

So when and where can drug-sniffing dogs be used? A few recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court have shed light on the subject. Below, you'll find an explanation of those decisions and how they apply to you.

L.A. District Attorney's Office Admits Prop. 36 Mistake Freed Northridge Killer

On December 2, Northridge was rocked by news of a quadruple homicide on the front lawn of an illegal boarding home. The reportedly execution-style murders were allegedly committed by Ka Pasasouk, 31, who was on probation at the time. Today, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office released a statement where they admitted that an administrative error allowed Pasasouk to avoid being sent back to jail in September, reports City News Service.

The administrative error involved a determination of Pasasouk's eligibility for a drug diversion program under California's Proposition 36. Pasasouk was arrested on a methamphetamine possession charge in September and because the District Attorney's office found him eligible for a drug treatment and diversion program, he was not sent to prison, despite the objections of probation officials.

Methamphetamine Lab Busted in Buena Park

We don’t normally cover methamphetamine labs. They’re so common that hearing about them is akin to hearing that someone was shot in Chicago. It happens. It’s not really news. Nonetheless, we really haven’t covered the laws regarding meth production lately, so as a service to the public, and in homage to the great Breaking Bad, here’s the skinny (Pete).

According to the Orange County Register, SWAT officers raided a house in Buena Park last night after a business rival anonymous tipster notified the police of ongoing sales of large quantities of drugs at the house. The search warrant was administered by the SWAT because drug dealers and manufacturers tend to be armed and those guys have a lot of sweet gear. When the cops arrived, they noticed the eau de meth and located meth and meth paraphernalia.

Seven people were arrested.

Bath Salt Use Leads to Talks With Jesus, Beating of Old Woman

What is it about "bath salts" that makes for incredibly oddball and violent crimes? PCP caused R&B one-hit-wonder Houston to stab his own eye out, but even that dangerous chemical hasn't made the headlines that Mephedrone, 3,4 methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and Methylone have. In case you are wondering, those are the three chemical compounds most commonly used in bath salts.

Bath salts first made the news with the Miami Cannibal, then the upstate New York mother that was beating her child until she was tased to death. Now, L.A. finally has its own nasty bath salts crime. Robert William White allegedly beat a 77-year-old woman over the head with a shovel, and then said he was an alien that talks to Jesus, reports the Huffington Post.

Bribery, Weed, and Massage Parlor Hookers: It's 'Politics, Bro'

There are three sure things in life. Death, taxes, and corrupt politicians. Now, three politicians from Cudahy, California have just been arrested for soliciting bribes from an FBI informant, reports NBC Los Angeles.

In Perales' own words, it's "politics, bro."

LAX's Lax Security - TSA Smuggling Ring

Normally the Transportation Security Administration, or Trained Shoe Analysts, are faulted for going overboard with their searches. A repeat of all of their gaffes would make this an infinitely long post, but let’s suffice it to say that they often take things a little too far with children and the elderly.

This time though, they allegedly didn’t look close enough, reports the Los Angeles Times. Four TSA agents, two of which were still with the agency, were arrested in Los Angeles Thursday for allegedly taking bribes to pass drug smugglers through the Los Angeles International Airport security lines. John Whitfield, Joy White and Caperline McKinney were allegedly led by Naral Richardson, who devised the plan.

More 'Speed Freak' Killers' Victims Identified; Third Killer?

Two additional victims of a pair of serial killers that terrorized San Joaquin and Calaveras counties for over a decade, beginning in the mid-1980s, were have been identified, reports the Los Angeles Times. The killers, Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine, were convicted of four murders in 2001, including Cyndi Vanderheiden and Chevelle "Chevy" Wheeler, whose bodies were recently located.

The murderers were named the "Speed Freak" killers due to their affinity for methamphetimes. Herzog was paroled in 2010 after his original convictions were overturned due to a ruling that his confessions were coerced. He committed suicide when he learned that his former partner in crime was going to come clean due to a $33,000 payment from a bounty hunter.

Lindsay Lohan Done With the Legal System?

Lindsay Lohan, or LiLo as she is affectionately known by her friends in the paparazzi, was released from formal probation today by Judge Stephanie Sautner, reports TMZ. Lohan’s formal probation had been extended multiple times since her original 2007 driving under the influence case. Her probation lasted this long due to failure to complete community service and a few more brushes with the law. But the case is finally behind her, right?

Lohan claims that she is done with courtrooms and judges. And she probably means it. Granted, no one says to a judge, “I’m going to break the law tomorrow!” Nevertheless, her statements and efforts to change and remain sober do seem sincere. She may actually pull it off.

Xanax-Dealing Doctor Pleads Not Guilty to Second-Degree Murder

What’s the difference between a doctor and a Colombian drug trafficker? We don’t know, because in this case, they both have DEA agents after them, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Drugs can kill, even those drugs lawfully obtained through a doctor’s prescription. Doctors can go to jail for being careless in handing out drug prescriptions. A Los Angeles area doctor pleaded not guilty on March 16 to charges of murder stemming from her prescription of thee fatal overdoses. Her request for lower bail was also denied, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Alexis Neiers' Sister 'Pretty Wild' Too? Arrested for Drugs

Tess Taylor, the equally-troubled sister of convicted thief and heroin user, Alexis Neiers, was arrested earlier this month on a felony drug charge, reports TMZ.

Taylor was allegedly in possession of a controlled substance and placed into custody on January 9. She was reportedly held on $10,000 bail and released two days later.

Taylor is a model and former cast member of the reality TV show “Pretty Wild,” publicized as “an unfiltered look at Hollywood via three sisters whose jaw-dropping looks and unstructured upbringing make them magnets for Tinseltown’s temptations.”