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Misdemeanors are classified as generally less serious that felonies, but more serious than infractions such as traffic tickets. Depending on the type of crime and the circumstances surrounding the criminal act, a misdemeanor is typically punished by a fine, less than one year in a county jail or both. Prosecutors often have discretion as to whether to charge more serious misdemeanors-- often referred to as "wobblers"-- as a misdemeanor or felony. Examples of crimes that can be classified as misdemeanors include first DUIs, simple battery, shoplifting, resisting arrest, illegal lodging, and vandalism.

If you need legal advice on any criminal law issue in Los Angeles, including misdemeanor charges, you should speak with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can assess your legal issue and help develop a good defense strategy. You can find a local attorney by viewing FindLaw's directory of criminal defense attorneys.

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Who Can Be Busted for Gang Crimes in California?

California has several criminal laws in place to combat gang violence and activities.

According to CNN, Southern California is one of the areas in the country with the largest number of gang members.

Under California laws, there are several ways for people to get busted for gang crimes, even if you aren't a gang member.

Calif. Attorney General to Fight Concealed Firearm Ruling

Attorney General Kamala Harris plans to appeal the Ninth Circuit's ruling that requires counties to grant law-abiding residents permits to carry concealed weapons.

If the federal appellate court's decision isn't overturned, then sheriffs in California may be obligated to issue concealed weapon permits simply because the applicant requests it, according to the Bay Area News Group.

What will the attorney general's appeal likely discuss? And what are the current concealed gun laws in California?

5 Ways Highway Road Rage Can Land You in Jail

Los Angeles residents know better than anyone just how bad traffic can be, but can your road rage land you in jail?

Interstate 5 in Los Angeles County has been awarded the title of most congested freeway in California, according to The Associated Press. Congratulations? With heavy delays and gridlock, even the most Zen person might consider taking their anger out on their fellow drivers.

However, consider using deep breathing methods instead of lashing out because your road rage can land get you into serious legal trouble.

5 New California Criminal Laws for 2014

California rang in the new year with more than 800 new laws. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the new laws of 2014 span a wide variety of legal issues. In the context of criminal law alone, the issues range from age requirements on texting while driving to an entirely new parole hearing process for juveniles.

Here are five standouts of the new criminal laws:

LAPD's New Smartphone App: Will Your Criminal Record Show Up?

The Los Angeles Police Department will soon have access to a new smartphone app called "JusticeMobile," reports ABC News.  Developed by Attorney General Kamala Harris, the San Francisco Police Department, and various technology companies, the app is funded by federal, state, and local governments.

According to Harris, about 600 San Francisco police officers have already used the app. In addition, more than 3,600 Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers will soon begin using an updated version of the app.

What is JusticeMobile, exactly? Here's a general overview:

California's HIV Reporting and Exposure Laws

HIV infections have somewhat declined due to the increasing success of medicating those living with HIV and redoubled efforts for sex education, yet Los Angeles is still troubled by new HIV infections every day.

According to a Los Angeles County Department of Public Health study published in March, Los Angeles County comprised more than a third of the reported new cases of HIV infection in California in 2011.

Because of this great public health concern, California laws require that HIV infection be reported in some cases, and for intentional exposure to be punished.

5 Illegal Things Tech-Savvy Kids Are Doing Behind Your Back

Parents, it seems, are always two steps behind kids and their vast knowledge of the Interwebs and those computery machine things they're always looking at.

While you may not be able to tell the difference between pins, pokes, tweets, and diggs, your children probably do. And some of them are using your ignorance to do illegal things behind your back.

As an early Mother's Day gift to all the Luddite moms out there, here are five things that tech-savvy kids are getting in trouble for, that you may not even know about:

Top 5 Ways to Help Protect Your Car from a Break-In

In an reported “random act” of vandalism, a rash of tire slashings occurred in northwest Glendale on luxury cars and SUVs. The vandalized high-end cars — including BMWs, Lexuses, Cadillacs, Audis, Mercedes-Benzes, and Porsches — were parked in home driveways and on dimly lighted streets, otherwise known as a vandal’s paradise. In a Smokey Bear teachable moment, the police reminded people to always take precautions to protect your car from vandalism and break-ins.

Here are five easy ways to help protect your car from vandalism or a break-in:

The Difference Between Felonies and Misdemeanors in California

The difference between a felony and misdemeanor charge can be significant because California, like other states, divides the categories based on length of imprisonment.

Under state law certain crimes are always felonies, others are always misdemeanors, and some are known as "wobblers." Those wobbler crimes can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor at the discretion of prosecutors. What they choose will limit the maximum punishment.

So what exactly is the dividing line between a misdemeanor and a felony?

What Are Your Rights When Pulled Over by Police?

You know the drill: flashing lights, whooping siren, amplified sound. It's not a new techno dance party; you're being pulled over by the police.

This is certainly not anyone's daydream, but it also shouldn't be your worst nightmare. After all, it happens; Jay-Z even rapped about it. Whether you're speeding, swerving, or just plain unlucky, there's a good chance you'll get pulled over at least once in your lifetime.

So don't lose your cool. When LAPD's finest are telling you to pull over the vehicle, remember that while they may seem tough, you still have rights.