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Prostitution and Solicitation in Los Angeles

Prostitution and solicitation laws in California make it illegal for both men and women to offer, agree to, or engage in a sexual act for compensation. Both prostitutes and those who hire prostitutes can be prosecuted for the crime. Prostitution and solicitation are typically treated as misdemeanor crimes in California for first time offenders, but subsequent offenses can result in a felony charge.

If you need legal advice on any criminal law issue in Los Angeles, including prostitution or solicitation charges, you should speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can assess your legal issue and help develop a good defense strategy. You can find a local attorney by viewing FindLaw's directory of Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys.

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Prop. 35: Increases Sex and Labor Trafficking Penalties - Part II

On Wednesday, after discussing the pros and provisions of Prop. 35, we asked the rhetorical question, "Who could argue against additional penalties for child sex traffickers?" Well, we call those people lawyers. Whatever you do, don't rely on the state-provided arguments. They are laughably bad.

So, why might Proposition 35 actually be worth voting against? There are a few reasons. The increased sentences might qualify as cruel and unusual in certain cases. Longer sentences also mean further strain on the state budget. Plus, we already have laws that cover these acts. Finally, the law might allow voluntary prostitutes to escape punishment.

Massage Parlor Poses as Med Supply Company

Dexter Company was licensed as a medical supply company. However, after receiving a tip about heavy foot traffic in and out of the business, Irvine police began a six month investigation that revealed that Dexter, Co. was actually operating as a massage parlor and prostitution front. According to an Irvine press release, on Wednesday, Dexter, Co, two other businesses in Irvine, and a Los Angeles home were raided and six people were arrested.

The main perveyor was allegedly 60-year-old Soon Keun Kim. She was arrested on suspicion of pimping and pandering. Chong Suk Yi, 61, was arrested on suspicion of supervising a house of ill repute. Mee Hwa Shin, 52, was arrested for alleged prostitution. In Sook Kim, 48, caught a case for identity theft. Eun Young Park, 40, got tagged for providing false identification to a police officer.

Russia to LA Prostitution Ring Busted; Husband, Wife Arrested

A Los Angeles man, his wife, and his ex-wife are all alleged to have been the ringleaders of an international prostitution ring, reports the Los Angeles Daily News. The husband and wife, Mher "Mike" Hakopyan, 38, and Natalya Murayyeva, 31, are in custody and being held without bail. The ex-wife, Alla Kassianova, 43, is believed to have fled the country.

The couple allegedly recruited 14 women from Eastern Europe, coached them on the immigration process, paid for their airfare to the U.S., and provided them with housing once they arrived. They would then place their photos on Internet sites promoting prostitution.

Are Flashlights The Modern Pitchforks? Ask Prostitutes

Everyone that has watched cartoons or old movies knows that scene where the big bad monster is chased into a dark castle by villagers wielding pitchforks.

Well, now that the people of Anaheim are taking so called "flashlight walks" to locate and condemn prostitution, as the Los Angeles Times reports, do we have modern version of pitchforking happening?

The Anaheim flashlight walk was organized by about 50 citizens and supported by the Anaheim Police Department. Their aim was to get rid of the streetwalkers. The people in the neighborhood expressed that they were tired of finding condoms and "riffraff" in their streets.

Will Lynwood Cameras Deter Prostitution?

The City of Lynwood now has 26 cameras around the city which is meant to lower crime and prostitution, reports Lynwood Patch.

Most of the Lynwood cameras are located on Long Beach Boulevard and Atlanta Boulevard.

The cameras are being used to make a difference in what is considered a very high crime area. And to check prostitution in Lynwood.

Sex for McNuggets? LA Woman Arrested for Prostitution for Snack

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are arguably among the most popular items on the mega-fast-food chain's menu, but are they so good someone would trade sexual favors for them?

A Los Angeles woman was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of prostitution for allegedly offering strangers the illegal trade of sex for nuggets, reports the Los Angeles Times.

A customer reported Khadijah Baseer to the Burbank Police Department for allegedly opening customers' car doors to offer her services at the McDonald's on Olive Avenue. She was subsequently arrested for prostitution.

CA Women Arrested in Chicago-Based Prostitution Ring

Two women - residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties - were arrested during an interstate prostitution ring bust based in Chicago, Illinois, reports Chicago's Daily Herald.

Thirty-six-year-old Jenny Huynh of Los Angeles and 36-year-old Bamila Ibrahim of Fountain Valley were each charged with misdemeanor prostitution last Thursday. A Chicago couple is accused of running the interstate prostitution ring that brought in women from California and Pennsylvania into DuPage County, Illinois.

O.C. Man Arrested for Soliciting a Minor, Mother in Sex Sting

A 21-year-old Orange County man apparently did not realize that posting public Craigslist ads looking for sex with a mother and her underage daughter wouldn’t draw the attention of authorities. Instead, Shaw Bruce Warrington allegedly posted 25 ads on Craigslist, 10 of which included soliciting a minor, and was arrested in a sex sting on Thursday, reports The Orange County Register.

With ads containing such reported requirements as “young or under age is cool like high school and below,” Warrington thought he had caught the attention of a 13-year-old girl and her mother. Instead, he was actually agreeing to meet up with authorities who had set up a sex sting and had been posing as the teen since August. Officials were made aware of Warrington’s ads by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which first noticed them.

Pimp Gets 27 Years for Kidnapping in Teenage Prostitution Case

Accused pimp Leory Bragg was sentenced to 27 years in prison on kidnapping charges related to a teenage prostitution case involving a 15-year-old Upland girl, reports the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

The 35-year-old Hawthorne man was arrested last year on accusations of forcing two runaway girls to work as prostitutes in Southern Los Angeles. The two young girls were only 13 and 14 years of age at the time.

The Upland girl’s father claimed Bragg abducted his daughter, provided her with drugs, beat her and forced her to earn up to $600 a night as a prostitute. She was reportedly held captive for three days before authorities found her in Los Angeles.

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: Pandering, Pimp Laws and Punishments

Rap artists have long bemoaned the troubles involved in pimping. As Big Daddy Kane once said, “Pimpin’ ain’t easy,” and the lifestyle is not as glamorous as the media makes it seem. In fact, it’s downright illegal in California, and the punishments under pandering and pimp laws can be severe.

Prostitution laws in California typically make it a misdemeanor crime for both men and women to offer, agree to, or engage in a sexual act for compensation. However, pimping and pandering are both considered separate felonies punishable by imprisonment in state prison for up to six years and a maximum $10,000 fine. Further, if the person you are pimping or pandering is a minor, you must register as a sex offender and, if the minor is under 16, face a maximum eight-year prison sentence.