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Rape and Sexual Assault in Los Angeles

Rape and sexual assault are treated as serious crimes in the state of California. Rape refers to non-consensual sexual intercourse that is committed by physical force, threat of injury, or other duress. Sexual assault in criminal law refers to unwanted touching or unwanted sexual behavior that is imposed on a victim. Rape and sexual assault crimes can even occur if the victim has a pre-existing relationship with the offender or if the victim and the offender are married.

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Trial Underway For Man Accused of Touching Sleeping Girls

His lawyer admitted that he was an “inadequate man” with compulsions, though they were not sexual. The prosecutor described him as every girl’s worst nightmare. Who exactly is the man who creeps in the night?

Meet Roberto Jacobo Reyes. He is facing a multitude of charges resulting from five incidents over a 13-month period. Each involved breaking into a female victim’s home and touching her while she slept, reports the Orange County Register.

'Operation Boo' and Other Halloween Sex Offender Laws

Halloween might just be the most fun day of the year. As a kid, nothing is better than getting to stay up late, dress up like a Power Ranger, and score buckets and buckets of candy. For young adults, it's an excuse to dress in the most odd and obscene outfits one can imagine and get plastered.

For parents, however, it can be a worrisome day. There are a myriad of dangers that are exacerbated by Halloween, including lead-tainted costumes, drunk drivers, and worst of all, child predators. California gets it. That's why they have the following rules that restrict the movement of sex offenders. It's still a good idea to check the Megan's Law website and plan your trick-or-treating route accordingly, but these laws will hopefully add an extra bit of peace of mind.

Prop. 35: Increases Sex and Labor Trafficking Penalties - Part I

Proposition 35 is well-intentioned. No one can credibly deny that. If it passes, it will increase penalties for labor trafficking and add penalties for trafficking in the sex trade, especially in regards to minors. It also requires those convicted of sex trafficking to register as sex offenders. And really, who could possibly object to increasing penalties for pimps of underage prostitutes?

What it Changes

Under existing state law, labor trafficking is already illegal. Typically, this is where someone is coerced into providing labor without pay under duress, such as the abduction of an illegal immigrant and coercion with threats of deportation. Prop. 35 increases the potential punishment from five years in prison to twelve.

LAPD Needs Your Help to Identify Possible 'Grim Sleeper' Victims

The Los Angeles Police Department needs your help. Lonnie David Franklin, 60, is suspected of killing over a dozen women in the 1980s and 2000s. After weeding through photos of about 160 unidentified women, only forty-two remain. Police fear that some of them may be additional victims, of the killer known as the Grim Sleeper reports the Los Angeles Times.

These photos have now been released on Facebook, Twitter, and the LAPD’s own site. They are hoping that the Internet and social media campaign will help to identify victims and provide closure to families.

The photos are available here. Be forewarned, some photos may be disturbing.

Fake Bishop Oscar Perez Gets 300 Years for Molesting 5 Boys

Though he reportedly lied about his credentials as a Catholic bishop, Oscar Perez, 69, still holds power over his congregation. Despite the pleas of his followers to the court, Perez received the maximum possible sentence of 330 years for the 26 molestation counts that he was convicted of in July, reports the Orange County Register. The 26 charges stem from his assault on five boys during sleepovers at his Lake Forest apartment.

The convicted pedophile preached out of a rented space at an Episcopal church. He told the parents in his congregation that he wanted boys, mostly 9 and 10 years of age, to help him spread the word of God. When Perez felt ill, he'd request that the boys sleep over.

MySpace Rapist Withdrew Plea After Getting 15 Years; Now Faces 24

That's now twice that he's been found guilty of the same trio of rapes. Jason Ara Erpinar, 23, pled guilty last year to raping his ex-girlfriend and two other women that he met on MySpace. After he was sentenced to fifteen years, he reconsidered the matter and filed a motion to withdrawal his plea. The judge, for some unknown reason, granted the motion.

Yesterday, he was found gulty again - this time by a jury. According to the Los Angeles Times, Erpinar not only withdrew his plea, but also decided to represent himself. This meant all three victims would have to relive the attacks, again, in court, while being cross-examined by their attacker.

Will Juror Misconduct Give 'Zoloft Rapist' New Trial?

Who are these people that lie (or omit pertinent information) in order to get on a jury? Seriously. Who wants to spend weeks on a jury hearing horrible acts by the lowest forms of humanity, all the while possibly sequestered from society?

Well, apparently there were two of these people in the 'Zoloft Rapist' case that we've been keeping an eye on, reports the Los Angeles Times. For those unfamiliar with the back story, Det. Anthony Orban was recently convicted of raping a woman after a day-long bender. He pled insanity due to a blackout caused by his sudden resumption of high dosage Zoloft. The jury didn't buy it.

Teen That Tried to Penetrate Kid With Steel Rebar Gets Plea Deal

After staring down four years in prison on charges of attempted sexual penetration and assault with a deadly weapon, a San Bernardino teen agreed to a plea deal for probation and 180 days of jail, reports the Associated Press. In exchange for the lenient sentence, Fernando Salgado, 18, will testify against his 27-year-old teacher, Emmanuel De La Rosa.

Authorities say that three boys were attacked in separate incidents in De La Rosa's summer school masonry class. The Los Angeles Times reports that in one incident, three students held down a 14-year-old and pulled his pants down. Salgado then attempted to penetrate him with a piece of steel rebar. Another similar incident, involving another student, involved a broom handle.

Unidentified Teardrop Rapist Still Attacking Women After 16 Years

He has been implicated in up to 35 different sexual assaults. There are 9 composite photos of him, which admittedly vary greatly sketch to sketch. DNA has definitively linked him to 10 of the assaults. He's only about 5'2'' and is in his 40s, reports NBC Los Angeles.

With all of that information, and his diminutive size, he shouldn't be that difficult to identify after 16 years of assaults. Yet, we still have no idea who the Teardrop Rapist is.

'Zoloft Rapist Not Insane', Simply a Rapist

Almost two weeks ago, the 'Zoloft Rapist' was found guilty of raping a waitress that he abducted after she left work. Today, he was found "sane" and will face a lengthy prison sentence, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Former Detective Anthony Nicholas Orban abducted the victim from the parking lot of Dave and Buster's. He then sexually assaulted her in her car at gunpoint. She escaped when he was distracted by a phone call.